Croatian Basketball Legend Saves Biker from Bura Wind

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It’s not every day that you are saved by an Olympic medal winner.

“I do not know what he was thinking. With such strong winds, you cannot even drive a car, let alone ride a motorcycle or walk. And not only that, he was filming the whole thing,” says former Croatian basketball player Aramis Naglić who rescued a biker near Senj who tried to brave the strong bura winds and reach Zadar by motorcycle, reports on November 15, 2017.

“I was shocked when I saw him, especially when I got out of the car. What else would I do, it was such a situation. I would stop for anyone else as well. You cannot pass by a man on the road,” says Aramis.

However, there were several other drivers who did not stop. “Maybe they were afraid that the wind would mess with their hair. I had no idea the footage would end up on the internet. I saw a camera, but I did not know it was constantly filming. Now I turned out to be some kind of a Marvel superhero, and my phone is ringing all morning. If I get fired by the Zadar basketball club, at least I might get a job with the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service,” says Naglić.

Facebook user Goodwill Journey gave his account of the incident. “I have been fighting mother nature for three days, rain, wind and snow in Croatia. Today before starting a 60-year-old man told me the wind in this area is like nowhere else in the world. I was too proud to listen and was saying to myself ‘he has no clue what I have been through. I rode Patagonia, Australia, Gobi desert and so many places known for strong winds, what does he know.’ Well, I was wrong. He knows his country; this is the worst I have seen. I had to turn around and run away from the cost heading inland. The wind did drop down after 50 km going inland, but I was hit with snow, still better than that situation. It seems that the guy who helped me out of all people that passed and did not help is very famous in Croatia. Now I know his name and can tell him thank you so much for stopping. Aramis Naglić is a Croatian basketball coach and former basketball player. His most important trophies as a player are the silver medal with the Croatia national basketball team at the 1992 Summer Olympics and two European Cups with Split.”

The incident took place near Senj, where the bura wind is usually the strongest. “I had driven there a million times when I was playing in Split, and I know how strong it can get. It was a miracle that something worse did not happen to him. He is supposed to be an adventurer from Dubai who did not know anything about the bura at the foot of the Velebit mountain, but now he has learned,” concluded Aramis.

Check out the video below.

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