Warnings to Those Who Don’t Respect Croatian Covid Measures Coming

Lauren Simmonds

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As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, it appears that Minister Radovan Fuchs has caught the interest of many teachers and others working in the field of education with his ideas on this matter.

”I’m going to personally ask the National Civil Protection Directorate to consider the possibility to make it so those who get vaccinated don’t have to wait a further 21 days after their first dose of the vaccine to get their hands on a certificate, but that they can still enter their workplaces with some other form of vaccination certificate,” said Radovan Fuchs.

This, many in schools say, would encourage the vaccination of those still in doubt, and it would be easier to overcome the wait until the second dose.

”Perhaps one of the ways to provide support to our colleagues and the opportunity to come and hold live classes at their workplace is with this confirmation of them having had their first vaccine,” said Branka Stefok Bojadjija, the director of Borovje Elementary School in the City of Zagreb.

”That could be a very positive move, it would make it easier for teachers not to have to wait for new tests,” added Marija Mihaljevic, a pedagogue at an elementary school in Zagreb.

”I think it’s okay, our responsibility is primarily to others, we work with students, we wear masks, we keep our distance,” said Jelena Skupnjak, a Professor of Physics at Dubrava Elementary School, also in Zagreb.

”We welcome any solution that makes life easier for employees,” said Zeljko Stipic for HRT, but the question now is how much will proposing possible further steps in cases of decision violations in Croatian schools make life difficult for head teachers and principals?

”After three days from the implementation of the latest Decision of the National Civil Protection Directorate, today, according to the instructions of our the competent ministry, school principals should start handing out the first warnings to any employees who don’t respect Croatian covid measures, and after five days, if they continue not respecting the measures, they’ll get a second warning,” said Zeljko Stipic of the Preporod School Union.

We won’t even talk about the third one, which is dismissal, which would cause a lot of harm to a system that is already struggling with finding proper replacements. We have given people instructions, we’re giving everyone a chance, but the Croatian covid measures and the rules must be respected. It’s just like if drive through a red light, if someone catches you then you’ll have to pay a fine,” Minister Fuchs warned.

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