Croatian Flat-Earthers Ridiculed for Their SpaceX Doubts

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Unsurprisingly, flat-earthers do live in Croatia as well.

After members of the “flat Earth” community, who advocate the theory that Earth is flat and not round, recently expressed their doubts about the spectacular launch of the SpaceX rocket, saying that the whole story was fiction and that the project was just an advertising campaign for the Tesla Roadster car, a YouTube video appeared with a Croat sharing their views, reports Večernji List on February 10, 2018.

“The Babylonians throughout Croatia are thrilled. They are in delirium after watching a video clip which is part of the car’s advertising campaign. The ad shows a car going into deep space. It is hard to believe that they believe in this. They are deeply convinced that this has really happened and that a car, a convertible, is now allegedly circling the Earth,” says Elvis Duspara at the beginning of the video showing the launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket.

He continues with his commentary to “analyse” the launch process and the video of the car in the outer space. “This was fun! Some Babylonians have experienced a cosmic orgasm, but that is not a problem for them. Can you believe it? In order to believe in something like this, you have to be ‘very educated,’ you have to pick up all the PhDs of this world,” he says sarcastically.

“A normal person cannot believe it. If the person is healthy and is not spiritually wrecked, they can realise this is just a fairy tale. And, therefore, my dear Babylonians, you have not proven anything except that you are ridiculous. With all the great technology and money you have, you are still ridiculous. Earth is not round, and Earth does not move. It is still”, concludes Duspara.

As expected, his video provoked an avalanche of mocking comments. “This channel is a satire, right? Please, tell me that this is satire,” wrote one commentator, while others added their comments. “It is interesting that you call those who say that Earth is a round planet the Babylonians. And the Babylonians were the ones who considered the Earth to be a flat plate surrounded by a large ocean. You continue to talk nonsense without any proof, just like your whole community.”

Translated from Večernji List (written by Ivan Halar).


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