Croatian Man Gets Fired Because of Djokovic’s Tennis Success

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Another brilliant verdict in the Croatian judiciary system.

This is one of those believe it or not articles when you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. As reported by Slobodna Dalmacija on May 23, 2016, the explanation for the verdict issued by a judge at the Split county court is definitely one of those that will forever be included in the “Greatest shits” of the Croatian judiciary system.

Wondering what could be the possible correlation between a seafarer from Split and a tennis champ from Serbia? A judge from Split managed to find a relation and you will not believe what it is.

 Vladimir Šabić was employed by Brodosplit as a captain of the boat stationed in Pločer. Working conditions were less than favourable, he was the only commander, 24 hours a day, no cook on board, and it took its toll on his health so he opened a sick leave, called his supervisors and asked for a replacement. Two days after his replacement arrived, he left the ship and sought medical attention.

But, his company decided to fire him since, according to them, Vladimir was well aware of the conditions when he took the job so he was told he is in violation of working obligations because he failed to ask for emergency medical attention if his health problems were indeed serious.

A judge from the Municipal court ruled in Vladimir’s favour saying that the dismissal was illegal and ordered his immediate return to work. Of course, “Brodosplit” filed an appeal and that’s then the new judge steps in along with Novak Đoković. Still confused? Read on. In November 2015, she changed the ruling saying that the dismissal was legitimate. In the explanation of her new ruling she stated that Šabić, regardless of his illness, was still able to perform all his duties:  

– As far as the celiac disease is concerned, it is common knowledge that world renowned tennis player Novak Đoković, without knowing he had it, without any therapy or medical treatments, still achieved fantastic results. Therefore, he was under extreme stress and handled it well without his life or health ever being in grave danger.

This ruling enraged Šabić’s attorney how immediately appealed to the Supreme court: Final ruling, on which the return of my client to his post depends, after 6 years of various legal battles, now comes down to my client being compared to a world class tennis player. According to them, since it’s common knowledge Đoković was able to play despite his medical condition (which he doesn’t have btw, he is allergic to gluten, which is well described in his autobiography), my client could have easily performed his duties and should not have asked for any medical help?!- Attorney Budimir states in the revision request adding that the Court is using fabrications in their ruling

In conclusion, attorney Budimir states that Vladimir Šabić is the first worker in the history of the Croatian judiciary system to get a court confirmed dismissal decision because “he sought medical attention for a very real and diagnosed condition, substantiated with a temporary work incapacity certificate”.

The Supreme Court is yet to reach its decision on the revision.


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