How Does Croatia Respond to a Rare Mini-Baby Boom in Jastrebarsko? Ajme Meni

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How do the Croatian authorities respond to a rare population good news story, at a time of declining birthrates and mass emigration? Like this, according to one of the local residents partially responsible for the boom, according to entrepreneur Davorin Stetner’s Facebook post on December 4, 2017. 

When I started Total Croatia News in July, 2015, my intention was to be positive about all things Croatian, to present the country and its potential and people in a positive light. That is still my intention. 

It is just that sometimes, people make that intention so hard…

I also want to highlight the real Croatia, criticise in a constructive manner, but also celebrate the small successes. A positive population story, for example, is a great example of that. As thousands leave for a brighter economic future elsewhere, and with declining birthrates adding to the problem, what a heartwarming story from Jastrebarkso recently, a mini baby boom in Jastrebarsko in the heart of all these negative demographic realities. A story we celebrated on TCN

How do local authorities react to such good news in The Beautiful Croatia? Like this, according to one of the new fathers of the town, local entrepreneur, Davorin Stetner, who posted this on his Facebook page earlier today. Ajme. 

“The Town of Jastrebarsko is officially a “Friend of Children” but, is seems, it is not a very good friend of their parents! The great news about the baby boom, published by Paul Bradbury’s Total Croatia News, is followed by an immediate increase in the kindergarten prices by 12.5% (the new price is 675 kunas) and in the “utility fee” by approximately 45%. And parents, as far as I have been told, have to bring every month paper towels, handkerchiefs, napkins, toothpaste?! A nice and encouraging move by the town authorities, you bet! There – since my child is one of those newborns – I will not apply for these 3,000 kunas a child which the town gives to parents, so that they can use the saving to decrease the price for somebody who needs it or fix equipment at the playground!”


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