Jebiga – the Ultimate Glossary to Croatia’s Best-Loved ‘J’ Word

Lauren Simmonds

March the 12th, 2020 – One Croatian word seems to consistently take precedence over all others. Meet the J word and all of its wonderful variations, explained.

Croatian is a rich language and what makes it stand out from many other languages is that swearing isn’t looked down upon in the same way as it is in let’s say, German or English. When an English person swears, his argument is immediately seen as lost and the person saying it is immediately considered to be less intelligent. It’s not the done thing if you’re wanting to get your point across and be taken seriously.

In Croatian, however, while swearing still isn’t exactly celebrated, it isn’t given as much negative press. Often seen as a sign of passion when in an argument or when explaining something to someone, it can light up a conversation and make it more relatable, human and emotionally engaging for the listener. Jebiga and all of its variations, are words that anyone who has spent any length of time in Croatia will more than likely have heard (and multiple times). This is one such fluid, versatile word that you can insert pretty much anywhere, about pretty much anything.

Jebiga, or more politely put – the J word – is to the Croatian language what chicken is to the meat world. You can basically do anything with it. Let’s have a look at this Croatian word and all of the ways one can employ it.

Zajeban – When something is malignant, evil, wicked or otherwise entirely unwelcome. 

Zajebano – You can use this when describing a situation that is complicated, or better to say f*cked up.

Zajebao je – Something has been f*cked up. Used when a mistake has been made or when something has gone wrong.

Zajebao me – You can use this when someone has betrayed, fooled or in some other way deceived you. In English the equivalent would be that someone has f*cked you over.

Zajebancija – This is used when something is a joke or not meant to be taken seriously. The English would be f*cking around.

Najebati se – Torment of some kind.

Jebada – Stress or pressure of some kind.

Sjeban – If something is improper, incorrect, faulty or in some other way no longer of use or is otherwise incorrect. In short, when it’s f*cked up.

Sjebao me – Something f*cked me up. It did me wrong. It brought me harm.

Izjebao me – If someone has used you or done wrong to you in some underhand, sly way, you can use this. You could also say this when someone has f*cked you over.

Jeben – Interesting, amazing, mind blowing.

Jebeno – Extremely interesting, amazing, mind blowing.

Jebenica – The thing you’re referring to is amazing, perfection without fault.

Jebeni – Cursed.

Jebeš to – Literally: f*ck that.

Jebeš mi sve – That’s unbelievable/shocking/there’s no way.

Jebi se – F*ck off if you’re saying it angrily. You’re great if saying it sarcastically and positively. This one depends on tone and context more than anything.

Jebote – Oh my God! No way! You’re kidding! Wow. Damn. Jesus. This particular J word has many a meaning.

Odjebi – F*ck off, get lost, p*ss off, get out of here.

Odjebati – To drop something, to no longer bother with it, to leave it alone. Or to f*ck it off.

Odjebao me – Rejection. They rejected me.

Jebački – Typically used to describe something very strong that appeals to you.

Jebanje – Being bothered, abused, tortured or otherwise irritated to some extent by something (or perhaps someone). Or if you mean it in the absolutely literal sense – sexual intercourse.

Uzjeban – Upset. Disturbed. Unsettled or troubled by something.

Razjeban – Damaged beyond economic repair or destroyed.

To ne ide da ga jebeš – When something is impossible. When it just won’t ”go” the way you want it to or the way it is meant to.

Dobar da ga jebeš – Undoubtedly good/Excellent.

Jebi me ako nije tako – Well f*ck me if it isn’t so! I’ll eat my hat if it isn’t so. Used when you’re sure something is absolutely as described.

Nemoj me jebat – Don’t f*ck with me. don’t believe you! Don’t bother me with something.

Ne jebem te – I’m not listening to you. I’m ignoring you. I don’t f*ck with you.

Jebemu – Oh, f*ck, what a shame/pity.

Nenadjebiv – When something is unbeatable.

Nadjeban – When something has been beaten.

Jebozovan – Physically attractive.

Nedojeban – Frustrated, usually emotionally.

Jebivjetar – Used to describe someone who is lazy and adopts a ne da mi se/I can’t be bothered attitude.

Vukojebina – Some far-flung wasteland. Often used by people living in cities to describe small villages or other out of the way locations.

Jebiga – F*ck it.

We hope this helps you out in your next conversation. One or more of these words will help you to learn to swear like a Croat, learn more about Jebiga here. Follow our lifestyle page for more.


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