Lika Zodiac: Check if You’re a Potato, Trout, or Maybe a Nakurnjak

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The zodiac has 12 signs: falcon, plum, bear, potato, coklja (traditional wool sock), trout, fairy, Lika cap, Buša cattle, bura wind, wolf, and nakurnjak (traditional Lika penis warmer). Taking into account the uniqueness of the Lika zodiac signs, the astrological expert looked at the stars and put together special descriptions of each sign. See below and share your personal description with your friends; they say in the text that caused great interest among readers and made Croatia laugh. We don’t know if the other regions also have their zodiac, but the idea is genius, writes portal Turističke Priče.

Please note that the Lika zodiac is purely for fun and does not reflect the actual state of the starry sky, the authors have disclaimed. Apart from your characteristics, the zodiac states where you should have been born, and where your ideal partner comes from.

We are also sharing the full version so you can explore your personal Lika zodiac. Turističke Priče wanted to know which Lika zodiac sign was assigned to the most famous person from Lika, Nikola Tesla. Apparently, Tesla was a potato, which is important because this sign is also considered the best sign of the Lika zodiac. According to the zodiac, he should have been born in Brinje, which certainly would not have pleased anyone in his native Smiljan, where the Nikola Tesla Memorial Centre is located.


Tesla Memorial Centre in Smiljan

And now, discover your own sign and see if it matches your personality.

Falcon (March 21 – April 20)

You are a brave falcon, a true Ličan, and a person who does not know the word NO. Most of all, you like heights, climbing the mountain peaks of Velebit, and looking for adventure, which usually ends up being away from home for several days. You are loyal and affectionate, but you cannot resist the call of the wild and good company. So take it easy with Lika brandy – though it helps your health, it must be tempered.

Where you should have been born – in Baške Oštarije

Ideal partner – from Brinje near Sokolac

Plum (April 21 – May 21)

You are very sweet, but if someone tries manipulating you, you can be a potent opium. Most of the time, you are calm and withdrawn, but the whole village is stunned for months when you release your fruits. You never know when it will happen, which is why others find you mysterious. Your edgier side isn’t for everyone, so be careful not to land someone in the emergency room. The season in which you are most popular is autumn, when you glow and fire up pots all over Lika, Gacka, and Krbava. Your eye often ends up looking like a plum due to the excess of comments about the opposite sex under a dose of Lika šljivovica.

Where you should have been born – in Ličko Lešće

Ideal partner – from Udbina

Bear (May 22 – June 21)

You don’t really listen to anyone and do everything your way. Because of this, you get on the nerves of those around you, but they tolerate you because you are strong and good for physically demanding jobs. You are lucky that the opposite sex loves you, so somehow you always find a person who will tolerate trips to the prelo or the nearest bar. In winter, your hibernation begins, so people take a break from you. Your best friend is usually someone with a beech moon sign because you get along best with someone who says nothing and thinks nothing.

Where you should have been born – on Kapela

Ideal partner – from Stajnica

Potato (June 22 – July 23)

Nothing is right without you! You are the best sign of the Lika zodiac. There is no one who doesn’t like you, and you always do your best to satisfy other people’s wishes. During the winter, you are always ready for good company along the banks of the Lika river, and in the summer, you wander the coast looking for the company of the opposite sex. The only problem is that you are quite promiscuous, so you often end up in numerous combinations, but that doesn’t worry you in the least. You only live once, right?

Where you should have been born – in Brinje

Ideal partner – from Lovinac

Coklja (wool sock) (July 24 – August 22)

You are a real softy, and everyone steps all over you. To protect yourself from this, you often quarrel with your relatives and friends, but this is short-lived because they find ways to get closer to you again. A little more courage wouldn’t hurt you, but you sure are a warm person. Maybe one day you’ll grow into something, which the family has been hoping for years…

Where you should have been born: in Kuterevo

Ideal partner – from Otočac

Trout (August 23 – September 22)

Swimming along underwater would be your ideal description. You always manage even though you belong to the quieter signs. Anyone who doesn’t know you would pay dearly for you, and you’re not as smart as you present yourself. So be smart because acting smart could cost you dearly. Try not to get caught by some more dangerous person, or you’ll end up crying in the dirt.

Where you should have been born: in Gacka valley

Ideal partner – from the Lika river area

Fairy (September 23 – October 24)

You are so charming and elegant that many people mistake you for a resident of Vienna. Although you’re not, you’re just a good actor. When no one is looking, you choke on bacon and rakija, although you wouldn’t admit it even if you were tortured. When you get angry, you become a real peasant and swear like a madman. When you drink, you end up on the tables. A Lika foot in a Viennese shoe, but skillfully hidden.

Where you should have been born – outside Lika, and you’ll never get over the fact you weren’t

Ideal partner – from Križpolje

Lika Cap (October 25 – November 22)

You are great and a source of pride for everyone who knows you. The only pity is that you often make a fool of yourself in a rush of adrenaline. It wouldn’t be wrong to spend a little more time at home; not every bar has to know you. Your Lika cap reveals more than it covers; you like to scatter and throw things, and you are no stranger to “hand to hand”… or “from one to the other.” Also, most Lika politicians are of this Lika zodiac sign, so if you haven’t yet, join a political party.

Where you should have been born – in Plitvice

Ideal partner – from Sinac

Buša Cattle (November 22 – December 21)

The amount of lazy you are is just insane. Do you ever do anything? You run headlong into the fields of Lika, and as soon as the responsibilities around the house start, you have already received some important news and put the wind on your heels. Only when there is a party you are the first to arrive. You love to consume grass in every sense. You are not an alcoholic; you are a big snitch and very often a collaborator of the Lika police. Your physical appearance is of great importance, and you think Marijan Matijević is the greatest legend of world sports. Tank tops, hair gel, and a revved-up car – you love it when they can hear you moaning from the field.

Where you should have been born – in Perušić

Ideal partner – from Gračac

Bura Wind (December 22 – January 20)

You are the sharpest sign and so honest that people often fear you. It’d be great if you could shorten your tongue a bit because when people treat you the same way, you immediately declare a state of war. You claim to be urban and different, but when no one is looking, you crank up the folk songs and shed a tear. Buras are best when they’re relaxed. Otherwise they can be fatal and are not pleasant for anyone. Advice to all buras – be careful when you hit (and what you hit)!

Where you should have been born – in Karlobag

Ideal partner – from Senj

Wolf (January 21 – February 19)

Ugh, how moody you are; who would get on with you? It’s best for you when you’re alone and don’t have much to do with other people. And sometimes it’s easier for them without your personality. Calm down so you don’t end up alone in the woods, which might even suit you. Wolves always love the prey of others but often lose their heads. If you’d like to keep your head, don’t touch other people’s sheep.

Where you should have been born – on Velebit

Ideal partner – from Donji Lapac

Nakurnjak (Penis warmer) (February 20 – March 20)

You are a true protector and a great friend. You don’t turn anyone away and always help. You are the favourite member of your group, and everyone wants you around. Stay as you are. Just don’t get pulled over unnecessarily because if being a nakurnjak was easy – everyone would be a nakurnjak!

Where you should have been born – in Smiljan

Ideal partner – from Korenica

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