Lucky the Turtle Released Back to Freedom on Lošinj Island

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How about an uplifting story to end the week on a high note? The unfortunate turtle found wrapped in plastic at Lošinj island got the treatment it needed and was released back to freedom, announced the Blue World Institute!

The young loggerhead sea turtle was found entangled in plastic strings, so it was brought to the Marine Turtle Rescue Centre in Mali Lošinj. The little sea dweller was liberated from its plastic prison and aptly named Lucky; after two days of observation in the centre, the vet decided Lucky was ready to head back home.



While this particular story has a happy ending, thousands of animals worldwide suffer the consequences of plastic pollution on a daily basis. It’s a cruel fate, as getting entangled in plastic waste is a torturous state for the animal; they cannot move freely, cannot search for food, and usually die a slow, agonising death. Here’s what the crew of Blue World Institute has to say on the matter:

“Sea turtles are inhabiting the Earth for millions of years but today they face a number of threats. Floating debris presents one of the most significant threats to sea turtles. Due to the resistance to degradation of synthetic materials, once discarded or lost, floating debris remain in the marine environment, with negative environmental impacts. Floating parts of abandoned rubbish entangle wildlife such as sea turtles. Unable to free themselves, it is easy for them to suffocate or die from exhaustion. Therefore, let’s change our behavior towards the environment to make the Adriatic a safe place for sea turtles and humans to coexist!”

We wholeheartedly agree. Take a look at some photos and the following video of little Lucky getting a second chance to live a happy turtle life:






Source: Blue World Institute Facebook


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