Meet the Croat Conquering America: “I am not Drunk, I am a Mother!”

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Kristina Kuzmić can literally say she is living her American dream. She built an impressive career and Americans are crazy about her

Nearly a million people follow her Facebook profile and another impressive number on Instagram, while her video clips are seen by hundreds of thousands. Every new post is eagerly awaited by fans around the world, as many find solutions and comfort in her thoughts, always with a laugh at Kristina’s humorous interpretations of daily life. Kuzmić comments on events from a mother’s perspective in a special way and says, out loud, what many dare not.

The always smiling Kristina and her family live in southern California. She is the mother of 13-year-old Luka, 12-year-old Matea and two-year-old Ari. Now aged 38, the Osijek native moved to the United States with her family at age 14. Before the move she had visited the continent several times, so she knew approximately what was to be expected. But, things did not go as smoothly as imagined. She was shocked by a completely different way of living. “It took me time to adapt to a different culture and school system. Up until college I did not feel at home,” said Kristina.

The idea of a blog and a YouTube channel began quite accidentally and in the beginning she did not create the content she presents today. Then she shared her cooking recipes, but very soon her main role, the parenting one, took the lead. It is also interesting to mention that Kristina won in 2011 against 20.000 competitors her own cooking show with the Oprah Winfrey Network.

“Soon after I began writing recipes I also began to write about my parenting experiences, and although I love cooking, I realised parenting is a stronger passion. My close friends suggested that I try doing videos on parenting. I had no idea those clips would be seen by so many people. I am still amazed when I open Facebook and see how many people follow my profile. I am grateful to each and every individual who watches and shares my video clips. It means a lot to me,” she said.


The topics she deals with in a humorous, interesting and sarcastic way are in direct correlation with her personal motherhood experience. Because she can’t hold back, she does not glorify ‘super moms’ but encourages those who feel they are failing as they do not meet the daily high demands of society, and has thus become a star with an army of fans. Many media outlets have reported about her, and very often Huffington Post, the American edition of Cosmopolitan, the Daily Mail and others report on her newest video clips.

“I cannot put in words what the feeling means to me, when someone says my video helped them! This is my motivation to continue sharing my story and experiences. My main goal is to encourage and bolster parents who are stressed, crushed, depressed, lonely and intimated… I hope I can help them – sometimes through humour, sometimes by sharing my own issues and how I solved them,” explained Kristina who described what she goes through as a mother of three in one of her blogs. “Kristina, you look very tired, why do you always look tired? You have a huge stain on your shirt, why are you so messy? Are you a little drunk?” She answers: “No, I am not drunk, I am a mother!” Screaming the answer in her pyjamas while filming another video and bonding with new moms who share her issues.

Her hobby became a profitable business after a while. “Luckily, one can live off blogging in the USA. Naturally, it’s a process. I did not make money at first,” said Kristina who will undoubtedly only widen her auditorium.

At the end, she told us what she misses most from Croatia and if she has plans to return. “What I like about Croatia is the family orientation, the importance of community and family. I try to instil this in my children. America has a speedy pace of life, which often contributes to superficial relations in families and among friends. Of course, there are exceptions. I don’t know if I’ll ever live in Croatia again, but I like to come and visit and I wish it would be more often! Every time I come, I see Croatia as my home,” she concluded.

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