An Expensive Death: Mirogoj Grave Site Reservations Soar in Price

Lauren Simmonds

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As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, across the Republic of Croatia, grave site prices range from a few thousand to an incredible half a million kuna.

An eye-poppingly expensive ad was published recently on the popular Njuskalo buying and selling website, which acts a bit like the original Croatian eBay. For ”just” 479,000 kuna (which is equal to about 64,400 euros), a Mirogoj grave site is being offered at the main entrance to Zagreb’s famous and stunning cemetery. To speak more precisely about the location, it’s “the first field next to the tomb of Dr. Franjo Tudjman”, the first President of Croatia.

This Mirogoj grave site is suitable for ”housing” six coffins, or so the owner claims. For this sort of money, it is quite clear that not only would you be able to live (nevermind die) extremely comfortably for a very long time in Croatia, it’s also possible to buy an apartment, a house or a luxury car, as rightly states.

In addition to this most expensive Mirogoj grave site and others also located there, “luxury” graves are also being offered in Dubrovnik, Rijeka and Zadar… The prices of graves are the lowest in certain cemeteries and of course in smaller areas, which doesn’t mean that the overall costs are small, because the grave is just the beginning of the expensive process known as death, which none of us are getting out of.

After the purchase of the plot itself, it is then necessary to pay for its arrangement, which includes the construction of the tomb and site itself, ie the concrete frame and the tombstone. All of this can cost you at least 10 to 20 thousand kuna on top of the initial price, with funeral costs that typically reach more than 5,000 kuna.

For a grave site in Zagreb, it is necessary to set aside anywhere from 2,500 kuna at Markovo polje to 24,000 kuna at Mirogoj. The price of the tombstone is usually at least 5,000 kuna and the annual fee stands at around 600 to 900 kuna per year.

Unlike a ”fancy” Mirogoj grave site, a grave site in Rijeka costs just 4,000 kuna on average, but costs of up to 40,000 kuna aren’t uncommon when the entire procedure is taking into account. Other costs such as coffins and funerals are the same as in Zagreb, and the annual fee is slightly lower, typically never exceeding the 400 kuna mark.

In the Eastern city of Osijek, a grave site can be found for as little as 1,875 kuna, and a decorated one for as little as 8,000 kuna, but this still can go up to 100,000. It costs at least 5,000 kuna for a tombstone, and the best option comes with a price tag of around 13,000 kuna. It costs at least 1,500 kuna for the coffin, not counting the funeral price.

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