Netflix in Croatia Offers Less Value for Money Than in Many Countries

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The CompariTech website analyzed price differences and the offer of films, TV series and documentaries on Netflix in September and found great disparities which prompted them to conduct a wider survey, which added 54 new countries, giving a total of 78 countries. The survey showed that Netflix in Croatia offers substantially less to subscribers than in some other countries, reports Večernji List November 27, 2018.

During the research, they took several factors into account. First, they looked at the figures related to the number of episodes and films available in 78 countries. This gave them the total number of titles available which they then divided with the monthly subscription price to get to the price of a single title. They then estimated the standard cost per month in each country and the results showed interesting differences.

American subscribers have the largest selection of titles available but do not get the best value for money. CompariTech’s research has shown great inconsistencies when it comes to the potential rental price of a single title. Netflix is the most affordable in Canada if you look at the price and number of titles available. Subscribers in the United States and the United Kingdom pay 10 to 13 percent more than Canadian subscribers.

According to the research, the difference between the least cost-effective and the most cost-effective country is almost 100 percent.

As mentioned, Netflix is the most cost-effective in Canada, with nearly 5,500 titles available, each title being around 10 percent cheaper than in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. Other countries are in a much worse situation. For example, Denmark has available only half the number of titles available in Canada. This means that Danish subscribers pay 100 percent more per title than Canadian subscribers.

The average price of a title is 0.00222 dollars, which means that the average customer in the world pays 57 percent more per title than the Canadian customer.

Canada is followed by Colombia, India, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, USA, Australia, the United Kingdom and Pakistan. Netflix is the least cost-effective in Denmark, Iran, Egypt, Norway, Taiwan, Qatar, Lebanon, Sweden, Tunisia and Iraq.

Croatia is located somewhere around the middle of the global rankings. At the time when the survey was conducted, Croatian subscribers had available 1,183 TV shows, 2,617 films, for a total of 3,800 titles. The monthly price for Netflix in Croatia was 9.01 dollars, which gives the average price of 0.00237 dollars, or 53% more than for the US subscribers.

CompariTech noted that European countries generally pay more than the rest of the world and assumes that might be due to higher taxes.

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