Osijek and its Easter Egg Treasures, Dating Back to 1967

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Gearing up for Easter in Osijek.

Easter Festival in Osijek gets started on Monday and runs until Tuesday in downtown center at “Trg Ante Starčevića.” The location is great with transportation being readily available by Tram or walking. The crowds were great for a Monday with many people lined-up just to get a piece of tradition. The atmosphere is alive and jumping with the acoustics sounds of a live music playing.

The event is incredible to see as the Easter tradition comes all together in one place. It is worth the time to visit each Artisan as there is no same identical product. The amount of detail that goes into each piece is the one thing most people are not aware of. The Artwork and items sold here at festival will never be available in any department store.

On March 8th, 2016, TCN caught up with Mr. and Mrs. Galovic, Artisans in Osijek. In a brief discussion we were able to discuss the tradition of the art of Easter Eggs. When asked about how it all started. The answer was simply a long time ago since 1967. To him it started as a hobby that he enjoys doing and is fun to share. They have been a husband and wife team selling Easter eggs and have become part of the festival. The eggs are done in a traditional method with the egg whites been blown out. The shell becomes very fragile and is easy to break making the egg non desirable. To help stop this from happening the outer shells are coated with a thin white paint. Once the paint is set, a decorative motifs is placed on to the eggs. The themes vary from each egg ie: Easter rabbits, ducks, and children. The style is very whimsical and has a distinct look. One has to ask how long it takes because of its unique look. He said it does take long time about a day or two to make each set of eggs. His wife Mrs. Galovic does an excellent job in sales. She is quick to point out the various sizes and the different designs showing that no two are the same. Her favorite eggs are the larger ones that are vibrant in colour. She has one more thing to show us about the larger Easter eggs. She gently opens the shell in half with an empty compart that can be used to hide small gifts.

Osijek Gothic Cathedral casting its shadow as reminder of the influence of such festival. The church has a late mass leading up to the day before the final celebration of Easter. At this event in time Christians and Roman Catholics would carry a basket of eggs and traditional food to be bless.

The following day would be for breakfast in the morning. However digging into the actual Croatian word is “Pisanica” (pl Pisanice) for Easter egg origins date back to Old Slavic custom during the pagan times. The word also derives into another word “pisani” translate to “writing” as most people would write on the egg or draw. The custom was and still is today to write on the egg “Sretan Uskrs.” (English: “Happy Easter”)

To compare the tradition of Easter to other parts of the world it is hard to measure up because Croatians are so relaxed. In North America one has to pay an “Entry Fee” and fight for parking spot just to get a glimpse of any cultural event. The events are often overcrowded and has too many things happening at once. The list can continue and it would bug any Croatian on how hard it would be to find a good coffee shop without the feeling of being rushed.

It is easy to forget how lucky and great Croatia is at this time of year. Croatian people know what the audiences needs and is able to capture the spirit of Easter. It is a true cultural identity of the people as the traditional values live on for future generations to share. This month there is many events leading up to Easter, you just have to find it?


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