Record-Breaking Temperatures for September Expected This Week

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This September will be one of the hottest ever in Croatia.

Unlike hurricanes, typhoons, and other weather-related disasters which have marked the last few days in the rest of the world, Croatia and the surrounding region continue to enjoy relatively stable weather, which will last at least until the weekend, according to chief meteorologist of Croatian Radio Television Zoran Vakula, reports Jutarnji List on September 17, 2018.

While we still have to wait for more detailed and reliable forecast for the next weekend, it is almost certain that dry, sunny and above average hot weather will prevail in Croatia until at least Friday. The temperatures will occasionally reach above 30 degrees Celsius, especially in Dalmatia, but even in the inland regions.

While the temperature will generally not meet the criteria for a heat wave to be declared, some people may still feel consequences since our bodies expect much lower temperatures in this part of the year.

Because of the daily temperature, but also because of the unusually hot nights and mornings, the average air temperature in the first half of September in most regions was between 2 to 4 degrees higher than usual. In the next few days, this will increase even further so the first three weeks – from 1 to 21 September – will be among the hottest in the history of temperature measurements, which in some places began in the middle of the 19th century.

Although precipitation has already surpassed records in some areas, such as at the Osijek airport, in many places there has been considerably less rain than is common in September. For example, in Dubrovnik, only about three litres of rain per square metre have been recorded this month.

Actually, most of Croatia finds itself in one of this year’s longest periods of dry weather. In many places, the last rainfall was recorded on Saturday morning, September 8, and the next will not follow before the weekend.

Therefore, although the hot summer is over, we can still enjoy the summer atmosphere and above-average heat. Still, due to the morning freshness, high temperatures in September are much more tolerable for most people than those in July and August.

Translated from Jutarnji List.

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