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Travel videos filmed in Croatia are enjoyable enough on their own, but it’s the comment section that packs a real punch. A look at some entertaining reviews of the Adriatic coast on January 25, 2018

If you’re an avid Facebook user, you might be acquainted with the page UNILAD Adventure, one of the several members of the UNILAD family which provides endless entertainment for millions of followers.

UNILAD seems to have a thing for Croatia: following their video featuring 21 reasons to visit Croatia published last summer, they recently paid another tribute to the growingly popular tourist destination. This time, they focused on the Adriatic coast, sharing a video created by MS Videography. The following footage was filmed on the islands of Vis, Svetac, and Brusnik, featuring a selection of breathtaking shots of Komiža town and secluded little bays and coves in the Vis archipelago:



Gorgeous. Just when I was about to share the video as a standalone feature, the force of habit led me to click on the comment section to see what the international UNILAD community had to say about this visual treat. And boy, did it get very fun very quickly.

As a rule, we all tend to ooh and ahh over stunning scenery filmed anywhere in the world. When we come across some footage taken in our respective countries, though, we’re quick to jump in with some personal thoughts on the matter, either beaming with national pride or using the opportunity to engage in a mission to educate. Foreigners like to chime in with their own personal experiences of Croatia; combine the two, and you’ll be left with an immensely entertaining read. Here’s a selection of the most amusing parts of the discussion:

Impromptu tourist boards

There’s a lot of other beautiful places in Croatia, even better than those shown in this video. Go check for example Plitvice, Krka, Dubrovnik, Primosten and Zagreb.

yes that is so true,, there’s so much more to see in continental (mainland) Croatia!,, The promoting of Croatia, naturally focuses more on the coastal features of the country, unfortunately not paying enough tribute to the rest

Exactly what i was going tot say, this is not a good video of croatia! It is better and more beautyfull than shown here

GOOGLE IMAGE these hidden treasures in Croatia…. Rastoke town built on waterfalls near Plitvice Lakes, Town of Betina on the Island of Murter. The Town of Sibenik, the Kornati archipelago. Pucisca on the Island of Brac and one that’s no secret to Southern Europeans but is to the rest of the world, the town of Rovinj.

Osijek ans Slavonija so beautiful too

This video does not do Croatia any justice! Croatia is extraordinary and also cheaper than other European countries. It has its own currency (KUNA) therefore making it more affordable! It shouldn’t be renowned for the coast and sea only. There is much much more!!

All true, to be fair, and we can only hope for more love for continental Croatia in the future. However, the featured video was created by a traveller who simply wanted to share some highlights of his Croatian holiday – let’s be appreciative of the lovely video instead of protesting the lack of versatility on display. 

Stealing the spotlight

Forget about Croatia, the new jam is Albania. Amazing beaches, beautiful scenery, just google it

Montenegro is much more interesting!

Albania has the most beautiful sea side in Europe explore that

i préfère Montenegro bc is more cheap and there is less tourists and you got mountains ! i’m saying that bc I’m more a bagpack guy so too much tourist bother me and croatia is really overwhelmed with people in summer compared to montenegro but croatia is really pretty in the inside of the country like the cities and the naturels parcs are breathtaking compared to montenegro who is pretty poor for the cities history ect ,the the coasts I préfère monténégro :)so both are similair but one is better for beach and coast and the other for river nature and city history dépend on the trip you want and chill chill every country is lemon squiezy pretty !!!

Montenegro and Albania are headed for an increase in tourist traffic in the coming years, or so it seems. I only wish to right a wrong presented in that last comment and state that Croatia, in fact, does have a mountain or two to its name. Meet Velebit, for example:


(To be fair, Montenegro does provide a fine range of mountain destinations to choose from, but when I went to check how Croatia’s highest peak of 1831 metres compared to our neighbour, it turned out Montenegrins haven’t yet bothered to establish what their highest elevation point is. This has been the highlight of my week so far.)

Random thoughts

Just north/west [of Rijeka] I think there is a beautiful city with original cobble stone streets and a lot of Roman artifacts. They even have a Coliseum in beautiful condition.

She means Pula, the largest city in Istria, just south/west of Rijeka. They do have a lot of Roman artifacts, and the Pula Arena is one of the six largest preserved Roman amphitheatres in the world. A for effort!


Agreed, Dubrovnic is awesome, beautiful coastlines dont just stop there, keep going Masadonia, all the Adriatic coast

‘Dubrovnic’ is awesome, I’ll give them that, but I’m confused by how the rest of the suggested itinerary is supposed to play out. If you ‘keep going Masadonia’, you’ll have to stray from the Adriatic coast considerably. From any coast, to be more precise. Were they referring to Montenegro? Or are we just going on a big round trip of southeastern Europe? Who knows. As long as it’s fun, right?

So they show a few boats some sea and some trees. Isnt that standard in majority of the world doesnt seem so special

You don’t seem so special either.


I used to watch a show on TV called E.R. There was a doctor (Goran Visnjic) on this show came from Croatia . I remember looking this place up and was stunned to see how beautiful it was which makes me want to go there one day.

Ah, Dr Luka Kovach, the best international promo Croatia has ever had before the Game of Thrones first saw the light of day. 


And for my favourite: remember when I mused over the quality of sand being presented as an upside to a Croatian holiday? Behold:

Another thing that stunned us was the quality of the roads, absolutely incredible, as well as the driving education and “skills” of Croatians drivers

…says a person coming from Italy, whose motorways used to be an endless source of amazement to the younger me. The following comment inquired whether this was a display of sarcasm, but…

No sarcasm ahahahah roads were amazing, the quality of the concrete and the pavement was astonishing, even in not so important places the roads were absolutely perfect, and another pretty amazing thing was the emptyness of the highway
I think that the worst road i’ve seen in Croatia is like the best road that we can have in Italy


Bless you, kind Italian traveller, and thanks to all other UNILAD readers who showered our country with praise.



Head to MS Videography’s YouTube channel to enjoy more travel videos.



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