TCN Talks Vlog: Somali Engine Trouble on John Travolta’s ex-Plane

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April 12, 2020 – The corona era is inspiring all kinds of new projects, and we are delighted to announce the launch of our corona-free vlog, TCN Talks with CEO Paul Bradbury.

A couple of years ago I was talking to my daughters about social media and the future. They told me that although I was a famous blogger (at least in their world), blogging was for old people and the future was in video. 

“Perhaps I should start my own vlog,” I suggested. 

They looked horrified. While I was a blogger, they could pretend they did not know me as nobody would recognise me, but imagine seeing their Dad on YouTube…

There were right, though – well-written longer texts are increasingly our of vogue, as attention spans digest shorter and simpler text and – preferably – video. 


The thing is, I like my words and the buffer zone it gives me between my audience. I can put the words out there, give a little of myself and my personality, and then draw the line. This works for me, but it results in some strange relationships online, which often develop in the flesh through meetings. People who follow TCN and my writings over the years feel they know me, and yet I am hearing about their lives for the first time. I have, for example, over 3,500 Facebook friends as Croatians seem to like following the random musings of a fat Irishman in the Balkans (which is great and very welcome – thanks for the interest), but I could probably recognise about 300 of those maximum if I went through the list. 

That relationship between content producer and content absorber will only get more distorted with the video medium, and yet it is the video era, and so… Despite my aversion to the camera (my friends will tell you how much I hate being on camera, public speaking, using the phone, and a special aversion to emojis), I acknowledge that it is time to adapt or die. I have been working with some chaps to bring TCN into the 21st century, and – not surprisingly – they want me on video in front of the camera. 

The corona lockdown made the decision easier. I have been experimenting lately with different types of communication to see if there is anything smart to learn. 

This video preview of the recent controversial Za Krizen precession, shot from our terrace in Jelsa, was incredibly easy to do and well-received.  

 And so I thought, why not? Why not give it a try and start a vlog, a relaxed format with loose initial goals and see where the comfort zone and the viewer interest was? Life at the moment is insane, and I have never worked harder in my life. And the subject of my work is mentally challenging and totally depressing 16 hours a day – corona. 

What about having a little video outlet to take about fun memories of the past, current topics of positivity and not virus and death. Something called TCN Talks, the name of our new vlog. 

Apart from the obvious assocation with this portal, the name takes its name from Tea Time Talks, a ritual I used to observe with a very pretty girl with eyes the colour of the Adriatic 18 years ago when I first came to Jelsa. I would meet Miranda for a cup of tea at 17:30 each day. 

18 years later, she is still very pretty, those Adriatic eyes still smiling, and she is the video editor and filmer of TCN Talks behind the camera. 

So what will we talk about on TCN Talks? I honestly don’t know, but to start, I thought a few funny stories from my past which will feature in my next book, Around the World in 80 Disasters, might be a good place to start, and a good escape from the current madness. 

So let’s begin!

And where better than over the skies of Somalia in the former private plane of John Travolta as it develops engine trouble. The year in 2002. 

Am VERY keen for feedback, suggestions, etc. I think this has the potential to be a lot of fun, and because there are no rules, TCN Talks can also be very flexible. Any feedback, please email to [email protected] Subject TCN Talks. And I think this is the bit where I am supposed to exhort you to like and subscribe to my channel. If nothing else, it will give you regular updates on the worst beard currently attempting to grow on the Adriatic. 


Constructive criticism is fine, but make it funny, as one of the first viewers of my first video did. He set the criticism bar high. 





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