Ten Million Kuna for Cyclotourism Development in Croatia

Lauren Simmonds

Good news for lovers of active tourism!

As eZadar writes on the 7th of May, 2018, the Ministry of Tourism has announced their decision on project selection and granting support under the Cyclotourism Development Program on the Continent and the Program for the Development of Public Tourism Infrastructure in the Function of Active Tourism. A welcome 118,200 kuna is intended for the praiseworthy “Zadar e-bike” project.

The Ministry of Tourism has allocated 10,124,800 kuna for 52 projects designed to further develop cyclotourism across Croatia. These projects are aimed at the development of cyclotourism on the continent, more specifically in as many as fourteen continental counties, where the total amount of 4,888,900 kuna will be invested into the elaborate tracking and marking of cyclotouristic trails, the placement of signaling and information boards, properly equipping cyclotourism routes with the necessary means, including service stations, as well as for website design, education, and setting the expected standard for “bed & bike” type accommodation facilities.

As far as the remaining amount of 5,235,900 kuna is concerned, the Ministry of Tourism will co-sponsor 38 development projects for public tourist infrastructure in the function of active tourism development.

“Cyclotourism is a link between all continental and coastal counties in Croatia and is of particular importance in the more balanced tourism development of our country, and this is precisely one of the goals of the Croatian Government. In conjunction with other products such as enogastronomy, throughout their travels, cyclotourists will have the opportunity to experience all the variety of the offers [of Croatia], and to experience Croatia as a unique destination,” said Minister Cappelli, adding that cyclotourism attracts guests throughout the year, emphasises the natural and cultural values ​​in destinations, and therefore promotes sustainability and preservation, which is one of the foundations of the future of tourism development in Croatia. He also noted that there are currently about 60 million active cyclists across Europe, and on average, cyclists spend up to 30 percent more than classic tourists, which highlights their added importance for Croatian tourism as a whole.

According to Croatia’s tourism development strategy by 2020, and the program and action plan for cyclotourism development, cyclotourism is one of the ten key products for enriching the country’s overall tourist offer, tourism development throughout Croatia, and an extension of the tourist season, which is one of the key challenges of tourism in general in Croatia, a country which has very much fallen victim to sumemrtime hoards and then becoming a proverbial ghost town when the classic season comes to an end.

In order to develop the public tourist infrastructure and stimulate the competitiveness of Croatian tourism with the affirmation of Croatia as one of the leading international tourist destinations, the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Ministry of Tourism have made a joint decision on the disposal of the aforementioned funds.

The joint decision saw funds for the co-financing of 38 development projects in the total value of 5,235,900 kuna adopted for the third item of the program, meaning for public tourist infrastructure in the function of active tourism development. The public call on the subject was open from August the 2nd to September the 15th, 2017, and both minimal and maximum grants were approved.

For those who can read Croatian, the decision on project selection and grant awards, as well as more detailed information on the terms of the competition can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Tourism under the ”public calls” (javni pozivi) category, entitled ”decision on project selection” (odluka o odabiru projekata). Click here for more information.


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