Vis Street Cat Lučki Gets Owner: “He’ll Continue To Live However He Wants”

Lauren Simmonds

As Morski/Jurica Gaspar writes on the 20th of December, 2019, the popular Vis street cat Lučki, who likes to travel on boats, is officially no longer a simple street cat as of today. His new owner says she took care of him in silence anyway, but things went too far and needed to be addressed. No longer will anyone be able to abduct him, and he will no longer be in any of the danger that typical street cats face.

On top of all of the benefits that this Vis street cat will now have by having an owner, nobody will be able to capture and castrate him without permission.

”He will have absolute freedom, just as he did before and he’ll remain who and what he is,” says his foster mother, Eni Zorotović, adding that when it comes to Lučki’s ”golden jewels”, only she will decide if they stay or go.

”As of today, Lučki is no longer a street cat, he’s been chipped and vaccinated against all infectious diseases. He will continue to live as he pleases, and it’s up to me to decide what happens to his balls. Dear volunteers and cat lovers, before you start attacking me, first ask who you’re attacking. I have six cats, they’re all neutered, I feed and treat all of the other animals on the island at my own expense. And as for that little cat that was riding Hektorović (a ferry) you were all worried about, he ended up with me. So, leave Lučki alone and rescue some other cats that really need your help. Enough from me… Best wishes,” Eni posted on a Facebook page dedicated to all things Vis.

The new owner of this popular Vis street cat spoke to Morski and provided her reasoning as to why she decided to adopt the charismatic Lučki:

”I’ve been taking care of him for years, I bought him back home from every one of his little trips. I decided to take on his official foster care only because some people took him and, without our knowledge, went to have him castrated. He will continue to live the way he wants, only now, he’s officially mine,” Zorotović said, going on to further explain the proverbial storm that has arisen around this particular Vis street cat, which seems to have been the trigger for much bigger problems with the cats on Vis.

”Vis has problems because there are no veterinarians, and all of this fuss over Lučki, as much as it harmed him, it may have saved the lives of other cats because it will encourage the city to act faster,” she says, concluding that there is no need to look for the culprit who tried to take Lučki.

”Life on the island isn’t easy and you have to love it. I really don’t know which vet would come here to live and work,” she noted.

While the popular former Vis street cat Lučki finally officially ceased to be homeless on Vis, it’s worth recalling that Vis’ Mayor Ivo Radica stated that the island would get a vet for the first time in twenty years.

”In the former barracks of Starina, a veterinary clinic worth half a million kuna was set up in the business zone, and a tender for a veterinarian was announced three months ago. Finally, a vet has been selected and a contract will be signed with him at the beginning of the year. There will also be an animal shelter within the barracks,” said the mayor of Vis.

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