VIDEO: Boy Who Visits Rimac Automobili Taken for Ride in Concept_One

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Screenshot/YouTube/Pecanje sa Antom

Screenshot/YouTube/Pecanje sa Antom

November the 23rd, 2020 – Croatian entrepreneur Mate Rimac never has a good gesture far from hand, and he has dished out yet another wonderful surprise to a young boy from Sveta Nedelja who visits Rimac Automobili on his bike every day – a ride in no less than the amazing Concept_One.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the boy Ante from Sveta Nedelja visits Rimac Automobili’s headquarters every single day on his bike to watch what is happening there. His wish was to ride in Rimac’s incredible Concept One. Rimac decided to fulfill that desire for him, and he took to Facebook to let the world know what happened, attaching the boy’s video of the ride.

“In the Q3 public report video I posted, I mentioned the [company’s] campus and how I want it to be without fences so anyone from the public can come into the closest contact with what we do. One of the goals is for local kids to grow up with the sight of hypercars and various prototypes of all possible manufacturers being tested on the surrounding roads and thus encourage them to one day pursue a technological occupation.

But that’s really nothing new – that’s how we functioned all the time until recently. A bunch of kids come on bikes and ride around the company’s headquarters, they even go into plants and offices and walk around freely, look at the cars and talk to the employees. Ante is one of those who came by bike almost every day. After a while we all already knew him and let him enter freely. His biggest wish was to get a tour of the Concept_One – so I fulfilled that wish for him, as was done for many other kids in the area (only they didn’t post the video of the ride on YouTube).

Unfortunately a year ago we had to put up a gate and a fence because all sorts of things were going on and we needed to be sure none of that could pose any harm to us. From the beginning, our headquarters has been designed so that anyone can come the company and enter certain spaces, but that there’s a clear boundary from which only employees can go further (eg in offices) – this idea was built in right from the very first concept, so the equipment is designed as such,” explained Mate Rimac.

Watch the video of the boy who visits Rimac Automobili on his two wheels every day take a ride in Rimac’s amazing Concept_One:

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