Za Krizen 2020: All 6 Hvar Processions in Jelsa (VIDEOS)

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April 10, 2020 – Za Krizen 2020 took place in very unusual circumstances overnight. TCN was there the whole night. In the first of a series of reports, a timeline with video coverage of each of the six processions.  

16:00 – There has been a lot of controversy about whether or not Za Krizen 2020 should go ahead in the corona era. A little background and overview of the procession route from the TCN terrace in Jelsa, which overlooks five of the six villages taking part in this 500-year-old tradition. 

21:20 – Preparing myself mentally for a lonely all-nighter from the TCN terrace.


22:00 – Jelsa main square at the official start time of Za Krizen 2020. Totally empty. 


22:03 –  Apart from one Irishman. I am extremely grateful to Niksa Peronja, Mayor of Jelsa, Jure Tadic, Hvar Police Chief, and Igor from the Jelsa Civilian Protection Headquarters for allowing me to document certain parts of Za Krizen 2020 at distance. With all the restrictions, on the ground media cover was light – indeed I only saw the fabulous Hvar TV duo, Maja and Jure (reporting for national television), and Hvar photographer extraordinaire, Jaksa Kuzmicic. But it certainly felt VERY strange to be the only person on the square as the procession started.


This is how it looked last year. How would it look this year?

22:10 – Za Krizen 2020 is underway. 

I was out all night and have a LOT to say about the last few hours, and I want to document it as fully as possible for the many people for whom Za Krizen is a part of their identity, but who could not take part due to the current situation. To do that properly, I need to get some sleep and formulate my thoughts, so for now, please find a series of videos and timelines through the night, which include all six processions which took part in Za Krizen 2020. 


23:30 – There were many things that were unusual for Za Krizen 2020, among them the arrival of supporting singers from Vrboska to Jelsa by boat – social distancing has now spread to the Adriatic. 

23:30 – The Vrboska boats arriving in Jelsa.

23:35 – Vrboska arriving in Jelsa.

00:00 –  Midnight. The church bells are now silent until Saturday night. The only sounds, the lapping of waves and barking of a lone dog in the distance.

00:15 – Vrboska support boats leave Jelsa harbour to return home, appropriately socially distanced. 


00:30 –  As we await Vrbanj, a big shout out to the Hvar police and local authorities. Seriously impressive. It almost feels like King Vili himself organised all.


I will have MUCH more to say on the policing of the procession and social distancing in my article later. 


00:40 – Vrbanj arrives in Jelsa.

01:55 – Svirce arrives in Jelsa.

03:00 – Vrisnik arrives in Jelsa.

04:05 – Pitve arrives in Jelsa.


05:50 – And so begins another day on Hvar. This is how they will start on your holiday here when all this madness is over.


06:00 – Don Stanko awaits the return of the Jelsa procession on the main square in Jelsa.


06:00 – The Jelsa procession returns to Jelsa. 

By way of comparison, this is how Za Krizen 2019 finished. 


And one year later.

06:05 – Just. Beautiful.  


06:10 – St John’s Square


And that concludes this initial report on Za Krizen 2020. I have much more to write, but sleep has to come first. But I would like to finish with my thanks to the authorities for an outstanding display of organisation and control. 

And my very deep respect for the people of Hvar for respecting the rules, allowing the evening to pass without incident. I know what Za Krizen means to many of you, and I was expecting people to follow the processions or huddle together as they arrived in Jelsa. That simply did not happen. Much more on that when I wake up. 

If any media would like to use the material in this report, please do so. I ask only that you cite Total Croatia News as the author, link back to this article, and send me a link.  




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