Aftermath of the Storm in Croatia: How to Report Damage

Katarina Anđelković

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storm in slavonia leaves damage behind
Photo: Neva Zganec/PIXSELL

July 21, 2023 – In the storm that hit Zagreb, Moslavina and Slavonia, four people died. The storm in Croatia brought down trees and roofs, as well as billboards and advertisements, causing enormous material damage.

After the storm, writes 24Sata, the company Kompare, which deals with insurance comparison, received a number of inquiries regarding the damage reporting procedure. The company states that it is best to report the damage within three days and that in such natural disasters, citizens have the right to report the damage to their insurance companies in many cases, thereby realizing the right to compensation.

“The first step after the storm subsides is to ensure your own safety and the safety of others. It is necessary to be careful because possible damages do not end with the disappearance of the storm. Your car, real estate, and vessels should be inspected carefully and in detail, and it is important to quickly and correctly report the damage to your insurance company.

Some insurance companies set strict application deadlines, so urgency in this step is key. Damages caused by natural disasters are not covered in all car insurance policies, so you should check if the person has full comprehensive insurance and if they have a mandatory insurance policy with which they have contracted additional protection conditions, such as protection against natural disasters, hail, etc. If citizens are not sure what kind of policy they have contracted, they should contact their insurance company, and they can also contact us”, emphasized Kompare.

Photo: Josip Regovic/PIXSELL

What to do Before Repairing Damage

Gathering evidence, they say, is the next key step.

“The damage should be photographed from different angles and all data such as the date and time of the natural disaster and a description of the damage should be recorded. This evidence will serve as the basis for a claim for damages. Due to the large number of reports, we advise you to report the damage online. It is important to take immediate steps to prevent further damage”, they say.

First, they say, it is necessary to carry out all repairs that cannot be postponed in order to stop the spread of damage and preserve the rest of the property. Whether it’s plugging a water leak, sealing roof damage, or any other emergency repair, a quick response can reduce the extent of the damage.

“Before starting repairs, it is important to document the damage. All details should be photographed as accurately as possible before repairs begin. These photos will serve as important evidence when submitting a claim for compensation to the insurer. If possible, you should save all damaged parts of your property. This includes anything that was damaged during the accident and will be replaced with new parts during the repair. Preservation of damaged parts enables the insurer to better understand the real value of the damage and helps ensure adequate compensation”, they point out.

They also emphasize that once repairs are started, receipts for replaced parts, repair costs, or any other evidence of spending resulting from damage repair should be kept. Financial records will be crucial when submitting a claim for compensation, they state at the end.


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