Agrokor Indebted by 700 Million Kuna to Towns and Municipalities

Lauren Simmonds

It isn’t just creditors who are hungry for their money back…

As Index writes on the 17th of November, 2017, a list of claims from Agrokor’s companies was announced a week ago by the company’s extraordinary management, the list reveals huge debts not only to creditors, but to cities and municipalities. The total debt amounts to an eye-watering 700 million kuna. Agrokor and its companies, such as Konzum and Belje, owe local self-government units for various things, including but not limited to communal compensation and the lease of land, the list goes on.

Nina, Agrokor’s umbrella company, is obliged to pay about 5000 kuna for communal fees, not too much, you may say. The debt to the City of Zagreb is somewhat larger in size and the overall debt owed for the same thing amounts to almost 900,000 kuna.

Agrokor’s Atlas company has a debt worth millions to the City of Dubrovnik, amounting to around 4.3 million kuna. Atlas also owes money to the City of Poreč and to the City of Zagreb.

Belje, an agro-food company from the large Agrokor system, remains indebted to a number of cities and municipalities. The town of Beli Manastir is owed 777,000 kuna for various fees, water management fees and for the lease of agricultural land. Ivanić Grad, Osijek, Vrbovec and Zadar are also owed some cash, the total debt to these cities amounts to slightly more than 70,000 kuna. A whole range of municipalities are also owed money. The municipality of Bilje is owed about 160,000 kuna for the use of agricultural land and various other things. The municipality of Ceminac claims about 2.1 million kuna for the lease of agricultural land, while the municipality of Darda has a somewhat modest claim of over 9 million kuna. Other areas also find themselves on the list of those owed money, which totals nearly 2 million kuna.

Konzum, which is well known and operates throughout the country, is indebted to to 60 cities. In this case, the debts mainly relate to communal fees, temporary rent and the rental of business premises. Although some of these debts are merely symbolic and amount to just several hundred kuna, in the case of Zagreb, they amount to a much more concerning amount of about 24 million kuna. Zadar is also owed over one million kuna, and a significant amount of debt is also claimed by Varaždin, where 580,000 kuna is owed. Aside from cities, Konzum is also indebted to 30 municipalities, the worst of which is Kolan Municipality, which is owed 215,000 kuna for the leasing of business premises.

PIK Vrbovec, Todoric’s meat industry, owes Vrbovec 588,000 kuna. The City of Zadar is owed 175,000 for the lease of business premises. In this case, the City of Zagreb isn’t owed so much, a drop in the ocean in fact when compared with the rest, with just 6,000 kuna of debt.

According to the City of Vinkovci, PIK Vinkovci also has a debt for communal fees and land lease in the amount of 431,000 kuna. Money is also owed to five other municipalities – Andrijaševci, Markušica, Polača, Privlaka, Stari Mikanovci and Vodjinci – in the total amount of about 110,000 kuna.

Much like Konzum, Tisak has debts to numerous cities and municipalities. More than 60 cities are owed money, and the debt is the largest in the City of Dubrovnik, amounting to 390,000 kuna. A significant amount of debt is also owed to the City of Zagreb where Tisak is obliged to pay more than 300,000 kuna for various reasons. Around 30 municipalities are also owed, and the largest debt is towards Medulin and amounts to about 400,000 kuna.

Velpro Center, Agrokor’s wholesale firm, has debts to 12 cities. The largest debt is towards the City of Bakar, totalling 743,000 kuna. The debt in this case for Varaždin amounts to almost 340,000 kuna. In Zagreb, the debt amounts to 475,000 kuna.

The municipality of Vukovar is owed about 280,000 kuna for various reasons, and an additional 347,000 kuna for the use of agricultural land.

Zvijezda has managed to ome up on top in comparison to all of Agrokor’s associates and has only one debt to the City of Zagreb, totalling about 1.5 million kuna.


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