Anaesthesiologist Says Horvatinčić’s Infamous ”Syncope” Excuse Doesn’t Make Sense

Lauren Simmonds

A specialist offers his view on Horvatinčić’s infamous ”syncope”.

“As an anaesthesiologist, I don’t understand what it means for someone to be in a state of syncope” a specialist doctor commented on the occasion of Tomislav Horvatinčić’s acquittal.

As RTL reports on the 15th of October, 2017, an anaesthesiology specialist commented on the court’s explanation of Tomislav Horvatinčić’s so called ”medical condition” at the time of a maritime accident in which the lives of an Italian couple were lost.

The specialist spoke of his lack of understanding of what it means for someone to be in such a state, given the fact that syncope is a symptom of something else, not a condition or state of being in itself.

”Syncope is a symptom and it doesn’t last very long. It isn’t like in American films where they fall into unconsciousness and are unconscious for another three hours. It’s literally a couple of seconds,” explained the physician for 100posto.

The key argument in Horvatinčić’s defense, the state of syncope or temporary loss of consciousness at the time of the accident, got the well known Zagreb entrepreneur off the hook and saw his conviction dropped.

Given that the court found that this apparent ”syncope” had an impact on his inability to prevent the dreadful accident in question, Horvatinčić was released, which, given the seriousness of the circumstances, naturally caused an extremely negative public and media reaction.

If syncope occurs frequently then that obviously indicates that medical examinations are needed, but that [in itself] certainly isn’t a disease or sickness, rather a symptom of something else going on.

“It’s just like telling someone that they’re suffering from sweating because they’ve broken a sweat after half an hour of running,” concludes the doctor for 100posto.

After an arduous and draining six year process involving a repeated trial, Tomislav Horvatinčić was acquitted at the first instance.


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