Croatian Campaign Uses Trump’s Likeness, Attracts Attention

Lauren Simmonds


As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes on the 11th of November, 2020, the eyes of the entire whole world have been on the United States over recent days, where the US presidential election was being held, with the American public being asked to choose between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, which eventually, although still unofficially, ended in Biden’s victory. One Croatian campaign has used Trump’s situation to their advantage, and it has paid off.

The final course of the election was accompanied by a new, witty Croatian campaign by the online employment platform Adorio and the Spellcaster creative agency, with the image of President Trump leaving the White House with a box of his private belongings with the message “Got Fired?”. On that occasion, Poslovni spoke with the founders of the platform, brothers Danijel and Josip Burazer. The feedback they received after this unusual Croatian campaign, they say, has so far been very positive, and the number of visitors to their platform tripled on the first day alone.

An innovative and well-timed Croatian campaign

”We were looking for an innovative campaign that portrayed our platform well. The goal was to create a modern recruitment platform, so we developed an advanced search engine that searches for job advertisements on the Internet. Ads on the platform are free, the goal is to have the largest number of ads in Croatia and provide users with a platform where they can find all the ads in one place. We also offer information about employers, average salaries, as well as an occupation guide in which employees of individual companies present their occupation in five questions through a video interview. Such an guide serves young people as educational content that can help them develop their business careers,” explain Danijel and Josip, whose wish was for their platform, which they started two years ago, to become the leading one for employment in all of Croatia. Therefore, they gradually began to develop a new concept for job searching that could separate them from other portals.

“We believe that with such an approach, we’ll have the largest number of ads and thus the largest number of users, which has doubled in the last year and now we have more than 200,000 a month,” reveal Danijel and Josip.

New search engine

For employers, they’ve developed a new candidate search engine that searches candidates on business social networks with comprehensive labour market analysis. “So far, we’ve only presented new products to selected employers. We asked them for their feedback in order to find out what else we needed to improve. Now we’re done with the platform and that’s why we started with this strong Croatian campaign and sales,” explain the brothers, whose goal is to raise people’s awareness of the portal, attract new partners, have as many job ads as possible and move from market challenger to leader.

”We’re also developing an occupation guide because we want to offer visitors extra content and useful information when they’re searching for jobs. The idea is to organise more than 200 video interviews,” explain the brothers. According to data from the platform, the demand for labour is still more than 20 percent lower than it was last year.

“We’re entering November and December when the demand for labour even in normal times decreases by 25 percent in November and 45 percent in December, so we’ll probably not be able to make a good conclusion about the recovery of the labour market towards the end of the year. We shouldn’t be afraid if the demand for labour drops significantly during December now, because this was the rule even before the coronavirus crisis struck. For better estimates of the labour market, we’ll need to wait until the second week of January, which will be a key indicator of recovery,” they state, adding that the number of unemployed people according to the CES is now around 154,000, and according to Adorio, they don’t expect that figure to exceed 160,000 if job preservation measures continue to be used.

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