Croatian Enterprise Owner Find for Not “Calibrating” Old Wooden Metre

Lauren Simmonds

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As writes, on the Voice of the Entrepreneurs Association’s Facebook page called Measures and Reforms for Croatia 2.0, you can read a variety of comments about how often small Croatian-owned businesses are punished unfairly for next to nothing or even for quite comical situations that you’d expect any normal inspector to overlook entirely.

What is even worse is that business owners are immediately and usually without question punished with fines without prior warning, accompanied by the requirement that any shortcomings be eliminated within a certain period of time – or else.

The best evidence of this is the announcement by Ljiljana Ivkovic, a Croatian enterprise owner, who stated the following shocking statement on the aforementioned Facebook page:

“I owned a store. The inspectors came and fined me, a 3000 kuna fine for the company to pay and a 1500 kuna fine for me to pay as the responsible person, because my wooden metre rule I used to take measurements had ”passed its expiry date”, I hadn’t calibrated it for two years since I’d bought it. I’ll write more about the saga that surrounding the ”calibration’ of the old wooden metre rule on another occasion because it would take too long to explain it all. There’s a complicated procedure involved if you don’t calibrate it on time.”

Vesna Duvancic, another member of the group, asked a valid question: How on Earth does one calibrate a wooden metre? God…

The answers which came in following Vesna’s question were both funny and creative, imagining how one has to pay visits in person to various special offices just for that purpose, much like one has to do when it comes to just about anything else imaginable in this country.

There were many more comments following Lilijana’s rather remarkable wooden metre situation, and many of them pointed out how she as a Croatian enterprise owner, as well as many others, exist solely to feed thousands of “uhljebs” and how it is really unacceptable to take money from small business owners in such a horrendous way.

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