Croatian Gaming Studio Gamepires, Creator of SCUM, Acquired by Jagex

Lauren Simmonds

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The Croatian gaming scene has come on leaps and bounds over the last five years or so, with the unlikely location (in the opinion of many) of Novska in continental Croatia becoming the very heart of the Croatian gaming scene. Many companies and studios have since popped up all over the country, and slowly but surely Croatia is becoming as recognised for its gaming potential as it is for that of its blossoming IT and tech scene.

”We’re extremely excited to see how we can continue to build on everything we’ve achieved with SCUM so far and refine the game to its full potential,” the leadership behind the Croatian gaming studio Gamepires stated, which created the wildly popular game SCUM. As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, they stated the above when recently discussing what they’re calling very big news for the gaming industry in this country as a whole.

“We are delighted that Gamepires is joining our family, and its founders Tomislav Pongrac and Andrej Levenski both built a fantastic approach to gaming. Now we will support their vision to take SCUM to an even higher level,” said Jagex’s CEO Phil Mansell of the acquisition of the Croatian gaming studio Gamepires, which is otherwise headquartered here in the City of Zagreb.

Gamepires is otherwise known for reaching an extremely impressive 250,000 sales in first 24 hours of SCUM’s release, as well as over one million sales in a mere three weeks, making it the fastest selling new game ever on Steam.

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