Croatian Laser Ing Working With Bugatti Rimac

Lauren Simmonds

croatian laser ing

January the 4th, 2024 – The Croatian Laser Ing company is very successfully working with the likes of Bugatti Rimac and Siemens.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Ana Roksandic writes, good cooperation with colleagues and business partners is an indescribably important part of any business, and Leonardo Kašcel, the CEO of the Croatian Laser Ing company, has spoken in depth about that.

The Croatian Laser Ing is a company specialising in providing a very wide range of services in the metalworking sector. He revealed just what the situation is like when business partners are also family members. Leonardo is the President of the Management Board, and his father Anđelko is the founder of the company and adviser to the Management Board.

Family challenges

“Working in a family business brings a unique set of challenges and advantages with it. There’s a strong commitment to common goals, with a deep understanding of business values passed down through the generations. Such an environment creates a strong foundation for success and innovation, with continuous support and understanding that comes with those family dynamics,” explained Kaščel.

He emphasised that direct communication and the speed of the decision-making process are advantages of cooperation within the family, and maintaining objectivity and openness to external perspectives represents a challenge. For this reason, the Croatian Laser Ing company always actively involves external experts and collaborators.

Laser Inženjering (Engineering), as the full name of the company reads, has been present on the market for a decade now, and from the very beginning, they’ve firmly believed in reinvesting all of their income back into the development of the company and its employees. They emphasised that significant capital has been invested to ensure the growth and development of the company.

“If we consider the fact that since 2014, the company’s total income has exceeded 300 million kuna, which is approximately 40 million euros, we can get an idea of the scale of the investments we’ve made,” said Kašcel.

Economy and demography are connected

Kašcel believes that investments are the basis of their success, of which they’re extremely proud. As their greatest success of all, they stated that they were able to influence the lives of their employees by providing them with above-average incomes that enabled them to stay at home in Croatia. They see this not only as an indicator of their economic success, but also as their contribution to Croatian society as a whole.

“We’re proud of our team, which is the core of our company and which Laser Ing perceives as its own company. Their growth and professionalism have developed alongside the company, which has made us synonymous with quality and reliability in the industry. Preservation and the development of our team and maintaining a leadership position on the market over the past decade are our greatest successes,” stated Kašcel.

They have collaborated with many famous names such as Bugatti Rimac, Siemens and Weinig Dimer. For them, collaborations with these recognised industry giants are partnerships in which they work together on development and innovation that shape the future of the industry. Not only do they cooperate with foreign companies, but the Croatian Laser Ing itself is present on foreign markets, specifically in Slovenia, Austria and Germany.

Kašcel estimates that in Croatia, they are recognised for their innovation and cooperation on complex projects, while in Austria and Germany, they prioritise the efficiency and adaptability of production processes in order to meet high quality standards.

Foreign markets

“Our expansion into foreign markets was strategically planned and was based on the solid foundations we built right here on the domestic market, taking into account the long-term private relationships established by my father. Recognising and taking opportunities abroad has resulted in significant demand for our services, especially in markets such as Austria and Germany,” noted the CEO of the Croatian Laser Ing company.

As a company with a global reach, they felt the impact of disruptions in distribution channels, especially owing to the situation in Ukraine, which is the main exporter of metallurgy for the European market. Despite those issues, with their adaptability, Kašcel explained, they managed to maintain business continuity.

“This is an excellent example of the advantages that a family business brings, especially in terms of having a quick response to market changes and efficient internal communication. Our ability to make quick decisions and adapt our business strategies in real time was crucial in maintaining the stability of our operational activity,” Kašcel concluded.


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