Phantom Ilica Company Deceives Enterprises, Takes Millions, Vanishes

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As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Jean Pierre Louis Simon Grosdidier is from the French capital of Paris. He founded the company Best Assist Net d.o.o. on July the 1st, 2019 and its headquarters is on Zagreb’s famous Ilica street (Ilica 191 d.). This addressed was used exclusively for fraud and money laundering.

Namely, hundreds of thousands of euros suddenly started dripping into the bank accounts of this truly bizarre Ilica company, whose share capital is 20,000 kuna and there are no employees or offices within the business-residential complex whatsoever. After the Office for the Prevention of Money Laundering and the police intervened in the case, the Frenchman with a Paris address who owns the company seemed to have vanished off the face of the Earth, reports Jutarnji list.

At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, 2.8 million euros were transferred to the accounts of Best Assist Net. A fraudster from Paris managed to deceive Zedis s.l. from Spain which paid 1.8 million euros on the 4th of November 2019. On the same day, when Zedis, which normally deals with digital technologies, realised that they had been hacked and that the money had gone to the wrong account, the Spanish bank alerted RBA demanding a refund, stating that fraud had occurred. However, in the meantime, that enormous amount has already been skillfully transferred to a bank account in Hong Kong, but the Spaniards still managed to get it back.

In early January last year, however, the same scenario happened again with this odd Ilica company, this time with a German enterprise which had to pay almost a million euros to the company for services rendered. Those involved are still trying to get their money back, and since Best Assist Net is of course totally ignoring the request for a refund.

“The transactions occurred when paying the invoices of a supplier, a French company, by entering incorrect data into the system, the payment instructions. So, the payment was made in error to the account of the Zagreb company, thinking that it was paid for the delivered goods in accordance with the instructions of the supplier. After learning that the supplier didn’t receive the payment and that he wasn’t the sender of the payment instructions, the State Attorney’s Office was informed. Due to the secrecy of the procedure, we don’t have access to information on the course of the procedure itself, but allegedly certain funds were blocked in the bank account. It’s a matter of forging documents because a French citizen who allegedly doesn’t even exist is registered as the director,” it is stated in the lawsuit of the German company.

A commercial court in Zagreb recently ordered this phantom Ilica company with an apparently invisible French director to return 977,620.41 euros, along with interest.

It isn’t yet known whether the name of this ”Frenchman” initially mentioned is a stolen identity used by a fraudulent hacker or whether he is really a person who opens companies in the European Union under his real name (from France and Spain to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia) into whose accounts other people’s diverted millions are diverted.

However, what is known is that the person with that name is already well known to the French and Spanish authorities as a profiled entrepreneur-fraudster.

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