Zagreb’s “Jedem Doma” (I’m Eating at Home) Offering New Services

Lauren Simmonds

The service has been a unique one so far, best known and indeed branded for cooking in clients’ homes. This Zagreb-based Jedem Doma’s food services will now offer a new option for its clients.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marta Duic writes on the 27th of October, 2019, the Zagreb-based company Jedem Doma (I’m Eating at Home), known for cooking food in the homes of its clients, now offers office lunches and pre-cooked meals that just need to be completed at home. As Željka Maras, a former journalist and the current owner of Jedem Doma explains, the new service is ideal for business people who have little free time in their hectic daily routines, and it’s important for them not only to have something to eat, but to eat well.

Maras initially launched the Jedema Doma service four years ago when she decided to offer Zagreb’s workers what they dreamed of – a cooking service in their own homes. Today, she employs nine people, and she got the idea for this business venture from merely listening to busy colleagues and friends. In their four years of existence, cooks and chefs at Jedem Doma have, for more than a hundred private clients, gone grocery shopping at the Dolac Market and then cooked lunch in their homes, and even cleaned their kitchens afterwards.

As Maras explains, they came up with the idea of ​​extending their offer while listening to the needs of their customers. Ready-to-eat meals from Jedem Doma aren’t cooked in the customer’s home but in a new kitchen facility, delivered free of charge to the user’s address, have a shelf life of five days and are mostly stored in the refrigerator.

“We have expanded our personal cooking business to one hundred households, embassies and offices, so we now run a fairly large production of food – semi-finished and home-cooked meals and office lunches. Our meals are still prepared from premium foods, without wheat flour and white sugar, without preservatives and additives, they’re fresh foods combined with creativity and love, with a pinch of imaginative recipes, this all gives the dishes a wonderful look,” says Maras. As she says, in business terms, 2019 has so far been the year of transformation of her business from service to production, and their big plans don’t stop there, either.

“Our new concept came from an old one. Our clients very much wanted us to cook them a meal for that day, and to prepare them some more for the next few days, so we came up with the idea: why not make and sell these dishes to the wider market? We’ve come up with rapid cooling and vacuum technology, which allows our meals to last for a few days without any preservatives or additives. 

Last year we had revenue growth of 300 percent in comparison to 2017. This year we had several months of stagnation in business due to equipping our facilities and moving one business model to another, which is why we will not see significant growth in 2019. But this is the year of the biggest investment in the history of the company – in the most sophisticated professional kitchen equipment, plant fittings, human resources,” explains Maras.

Maras points out that Jedem Doma’s goal in the field of office meal delivery is to differentiate meals for individual functional eating styles, all at a high gastronomic level.

“In the range of ready-made and semi-finished home-cooked meals, we prepare seasonal offerings that most customers like to eat in winter and around Christmas, and because of the complexity of their preparation, they’re rarely prepared in their homes. We’re also planning a segment aimed at children’s nutritional preferences. For the next step, we’re planning to expand the presence of our products to other cities in Croatia,” Željka Maras revealed.

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