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May the 18th, 2023 – Croatian entrepreneurs Mate Rimac and Sandro Mur have decided to invest in the already fairly well known Croatian Juicefast food tech startup, founded at the start of 2020.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the Juicefast food tech startup has found a way to provide a complete nutritional solution with its cold-pressed juices and nutritionally balanced meals. It was founded at the beginning of 2020 by two brothers David and Marko Dravinec. Since then, it has been successfully growing here on the domestic market and winning over more and more fans of leading a healthy life and ensuring proper nutrition.

All of the products produced by the Juicefast food tech startup are 100% natural, without any additives and preservatives, which ensures top quality and taste, and product safety is achieved using the most modern high-pressure processing technology. With the new energy and capital that Rimac and Mur will bring to Juicefast, the innovative brothers behind it plan to do even more.

With the investments from Mate Rimac and Sandro Mur, already known for their innovative business ideas and wildly successful investments, Juicefast ended up with a dream duo backing their startup. This investment is just another example of two world-class entrepreneurs investing in young companies and encouraging the growth of the startup ecosystem across the Republic of Croatia.

“Over the last few years, I’ve supported and invested in several domestic business ventures in their early stages, all with the aim of strengthening the Croatian start-up ecosystem. When considering who to support, the most important thing for me is the team behind the project, scalability beyond Croatian borders and the potential to influence the growth of the Croatian economy and create more jobs. The story of my entry into Juicefast is quite unusual, though.

David sent me a short email in which he introduced himself and the brand. Although I receive a large number of similar emails, I wanted to learn more about Juicefast because you can immediately see when someone knows what they’re doing and has a professional approach to things. When we met, I recognised the potential of the project and David’s passion combined with the persistence needed to create a company. David and the team have a clear vision for their further development, and I believe that the market in which they’re located will be increasingly important and larger in the future. After the first meeting, we quickly agreed on an investment.” Rimac stated.

The founder of Bellabeat and well-known investor Sandro Mur, who, with his business instincts and passion for technology has become one of the most successful Croatian entrepreneurs of all, also wants to help young domestic startups realise their dreams.

“The Juicefast food tech startup is a brand whose products I first of all used privately, and then over time I realised how much potential there is in the whole story. We’re used to the tech sector being the area where the biggest breakthroughs in the startup industry take place, but I’m sure that healthy lifestyle habits and everything that Juicefast represents are the future. They have a vision and they’re passionate, and now, with our support and resources, they’ll get the opportunity to expand and grow. This is just another step towards the creation of successful Croatian brands that will go on to conquer the world,” said Mur.

“We have more than 50,000 clients and more than 500 monthly subscribers here on the Croatian market. We recently opened up on the neighbouring Slovenian market, where we also expect excellent business results. The company currently has 20 employees, but we’re also planning new hires. So far, we’ve already sold over 3,000,000 bottles of juice, which is excellent,” said Juicefast founder David Dravinec.

“We’re currently focusing on the B2C segment, primarily through webshop sales, while in the future we will pay more attention to the corporate sector and other B2B channels. I’ve always believed in the vision of the Juicefast food tech startup, but actually having the support of two ”magicians” in this game, such as Sandro and Mate, gives me even more hope that we’ll manage to achieve everything we’ve got planned. I’m extremely grateful and happy,” concluded David.

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