More Croats Investing in Gold Bars and Coins

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More Croatian interest in gold.

The price of gold in the world markets has increased by nearly five percent since the beginning of January, in contrast to most stock indices around the world which have experienced a sharp drop in value. Many analysts fear that the sinking value of shares in the world’s stock markets could be a sign of an impending global economic crisis. At the same time, gold has proved to be a good way of preserving value in economically stressful times. The increase in the value of gold is an anchor for many investors who bought the precious metal a few months ago, reports on February 1, 2016.

The increased demand for investment gold has been observed in the last few months in Croatia as well. Particularly popular are 250-gram gold bars due to the excellent ratio between price and weight. It is an investment product which can be purchased for cash and is allowed to be transferred across the border without declaration. The value of a 250-gram gold bar is around 8,300 euros, which is below the maximum amount of 10,000 euros which the citizens are allowed to freely transfer across country borders.

In addition to 250-gram gold bars, 1-ounce (around 30 grams) gold bars are also often purchased since they are compact and easy to store. Their price is currently just under 1,100 euros, which is an acceptable price for a large number of buyers. Small investors who buy investment gold worth several hundred euros generally opt to buy gold bars which weight 5 or 10 grams, as well as small gold coins.

Some experts claim that every individual should have at least a part of their personal assets stored in gold and silver bars and coins. Even in times of economic growth and prosperity, it is appropriate to have at least five percent of the total investment portfolio in precious metals. And in times of uncertainty like we are experiencing right now, with the always present possibility of the outbreak of a new conflict, a new refugee crisis, inflation or other economic problems, some say that the percentage of personal property turned into gold and silver should be increased to at least 20 percent.

Of course, each and every person is responsible for making their own investment decisions, because there is always a possibility that the trends could change and that what once seemed like a potentially very profitable investment could actually end up being a heavy loss.

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