Quarter of Young Croats Willing to Move Abroad for Work

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ZAGREB, March 28, 2018 – Croatia, along with Estonia and Slovenia, has the highest share of young people willing to relocate to another European Union country for work, according to Eurostat data for 2016.

In 2016, 26% of unemployed people aged 20-34 in Croatia and Estonia and 25% in Slovenia were ready to move to another EU country for a job, the EU statistical office said, adding that the samples were sufficient to draw conclusions.

The lowest shares were recorded in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where 5% of young people were ready to relocate, as well as in the Netherlands (6%) and Italy (7%). On average, 12% of young people in the EU were willing to move to another EU country for work.

The share of young unemployed people ready to move outside the EU was highest in Sweden (34%), followed by Spain and Finland (28%) and France (27%). In Croatia, 11% of young jobseekers said they were willing to relocate outside the EU for work, fewer than the EU average of 17%.

The greatest reluctance to move for a job, either to another EU country or outside the EU, was expressed by young people in Malta (73%), followed by those in the Netherlands (69%) and Cyprus (68%). In Croatia, 44% of young people would not leave their place of residence in search of work.

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