Croatian AGRIVI Introduces AI to Agriculture

Lauren Simmonds

croatian company agrivi

June the 14th, 2023 – The well known Croatian AGRIVI company has decided to allow artificial intelligence (AI) to lend a helping hand to the world of agriculture.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Josipa Ban writes, the Croatian AGRIVI is a world leader and has been bringing various forms of technology and digitisation to agriculture for a while now. It recently presented yet another technological solution – AGRIVI Ed.

Artificial intelligence to aid agriculture

This piece of innovation is an artificial intelligence-based product capable of providing expert advice to farmers on optimal seed selection, recommending suitable products to protect crops from specific pests or diseases, and providing insight into fertilisers and regenerative practices.

In addition to all of that, Ed can offer advice on crop insurance, financing options and practices that lead to the best crop quality.

Ed is accessible to all, even those farmers who aren’t into tech

The Croatian AGRIVI has also stated that it Ed is very specific in its accessibility. “Considering that not all farmers are skilled in using more complex digital solutions, Ed is available on the well-known communication platform WhatsApp. In addition, farmers can communicate with Ed in more than 50 languages, and receive advice in their language that is adapted to the country and the regulations in which/under which they work”, explained Matija Zulj, the director of AGRIVI.

Smarter and more sustainable crop management

Zulj also explained that with Ed, or the AI agronomic advisor, they want to enable digitisation and the application of innovative technologies to the entire agricultural ecosystem, all with the goal of smarter and more sustainable crop management.

Zulj noted that the comprehensive AGRIVI 360 platform for farm management has generated outstanding results, especially among large professional farms that were quick to take advantage of the digitalisation and the so-called agtech revolution. However, the fact remains that most of the of the world’s farms still do not use all the benefits of technology.

Ai solutions will help small and medium-sized farms

“Small and medium-sized farms, which make up a significant share of global agriculture, need help and the support of the wider agricultural ecosystem in order to adopt crop management practices that are based on technology and data,” Zulj pointed out. In this regard, he added, their latest AI product should be of enormous help.

The AGRIVI Engage platform

“Ed is the pinnacle of all of our efforts to empower farmers and drive agricultural transformation. Using artificial intelligence and the expertise of our global team of agronomists and IT experts, we’ve developed the best AI agronomic advisor on the market that can support farmers at any time”, emphasised the founder and director of the Croatian company AGRIVI.

In addition to helping individual farmers, AGRIVI Ed will be available to everyone within the agricultural value chain through the AGRIVI Engage platform, which enables the launch of personalised Ed.

This AI tool will help individuals in reaching their own business goals

“Support to farmers requires the cooperation of all stakeholders within the wider industry. By making Ed available as a personalised AI agronomic advisor through the AGRIVI Engage platform, we’re empowering companies across the agricultural industry to support their farmers and drive positive change,” added Matija Zulj.

Companies can therefore brand Ed and adapt Ed’s advice to match their own business goals.

The Croatian AGRIVI enterprise explained that behind Ed, which is already available on the market, is a global team of agronomists, so-called agtechs and various IT experts. As an additional advantage, they highlight the fact that through their Engage platform, Ed is managed and maintained by AGRIVI experts, which makes it easier for farmers to implement and apply it.

A turning point for food production

According to Zulj, AGRIVI’s new product represents a significant turning point in the way food is produced, which is the goal and vision of the company he founded a decade ago. Ed, he added, provides farmers with knowledge and guidance that helps them optimise production, increase their levels of productivity and contribute to sustainable agriculture going forward.


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