Daruvar Spa €17.1m Project to Enrich Croatian Spa Tourism Offer

Katarina Anđelković

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Igor Kralj / PIXSELL

As part of the project, the reconstruction of the existing accommodation units is planned, as well as the introduction of new accommodation capacities within the Spa Hotel Termal and the construction of new thermal pools within the existing complex, writes 24Sata.

The project includes the construction of a new facility for recreational and tourist purposes, which, among other things, will include new and innovative wellness facilities and facilities based on virtual and augmented reality technologies.

It is fully focused on applying “green” principles and standards but also on the complete digital transformation of the Daruvar Spa by introducing the most modern technical and technological solutions.

The project aims to improve the quality, variety, and attractiveness of the tourist offer of the Daruvar Spa.

This will contribute to the strengthening of competitiveness in the domestic market, the sustainable development of tourism in the area of the city of Daruvar as a tourist destination, and the positioning of the Daruvar Spa as a market leader in the segment of health tourism in the Republic of Croatia, the company points out.

The realisation of this project is of great importance, not only for the Daruvar Spa as the project’s host but for the entire local community of the city of Daruvar, as well as the Bjelovar-Bilogora County, as it will result in a number of positive effects.

They will be visible through the strengthening of cooperation and networking of the tourism and hospitality sectors, the placement of local products, the generation of new jobs, but also the creation of a stimulating environment for the further development of the tourism sector and all sectors directly and indirectly related to tourism, according to the press release.

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