Despite Rain, Škrlet Wines Successfully Presented at Gradec

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Not even the rain could interrupt the “Škrlet at Gradec” event.

The Škrlet wine producers from the Moslavina region presented at Gradec in Zagreb this autochthonous variety which, according to organisers, unites Moslavina, a tourist region which is divided into three Croatian counties – Zagreb, Sisak-Moslavina, and Bjelovar-Bilogora.

Eight wine-producing families (Florijanović, Ilovčak, Jaram, Kezele, Miklaužić, Mikša, Trdenić, and Voštinić-Klasnić) have joined forces in order to increase the visibility and recognisability of the Škrlet autochthonous variety and to brand its homeland Moslavina as a wine and tourist destination.

Janko Kazele, the president of the Škrlet Moslavina Association, said that joining forces was the only way for the wineries to succeed in branding Moslavina as a wine and tourist destination. “Our forefathers have been able to revitalize Škrlet and pass on to us their passion and love for it. That is why we have invested our energies, knowledge and creative abilities so that Škrlet would get its well-deserved wine status, which belongs to it due to its originality. Its naturalness and authenticity make it ideal for innovative wine interpretations. In addition to the classics, winegrowers from our association produce Škrlet variations in the form of predicates, oranges, and sparkling blends,” said Kezele.

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On behalf of the sponsors, the Town of Kutina and its tourist association, the event was opened by Sonja Repić, the deputy to Mayor Zlatko Babić. She pointed out that it was Škrlet which united Moslavina as a wine region. “This is why we want to insist on Škrlet as an autochthonous Moslavina wine variety because we can jointly build a better future of Moslavina as a tourist destination based on it,” said Repić.

“The burst of rain did not scare away guests from Gradec. They were hiding under parasols or had opened umbrellas, and continued to enjoy Škrlet and have a good time, which is the best review of our event,” said Saša Zec, an oenologist and one of the organizers of the Days of Open Wine Bottles, the wine event of the summer in Zagreb.

The efforts of the Moslavina winemakers were supported and the event attended by the head of the Zagreb County Agriculture Department Josip Kraljičković, an advisor at the City of Zagreb Agriculture Department Helena Marić Kačinari, and the director of the Agriculture Department at the Croatian Chamber of Economy Božica Marković.

More info can be found at: Škrletovo, Days of Open Wine Bottles, the Kutina Tourist Board.

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