A Digital Nomad Reflects on 63 Glorious Days in Croatia

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July 22, 2019 – They are not tourists in the classic sense, but they do travel around and spend. A digital nomad reflects on 63 days in Croatia. 

After 63 days in Croatia it is finally time to move on. We stayed at three different locations, all of them great in their own way, so I wanted to share the details for those that are interested in learning more. This country is so special with the amazing water, weather, and people and the food is some of the best I’ve found! Our next 45 day journey starts today, but here’s an overview of our stay here:

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Leg #1: Kastel Kambelovac, just 20 minutes north of Split

We stayed in a very small one-bedroom unit with a direct view of the channel and a balcony that we ate on as often as possible. When we arrived May 15 it was a bit sleepy with not much activity and the weather was rainier and colder than usually, but within a few weeks it went from that to very hot, in the 90’s F. The energy of the city also changed come June, especially by June 15 which seemed to be the switch to summer. Within a few days people were everywhere, beaches were crowded, areas of the sea were roped off to delineate safe areas and the area became more bustling.

Split town, pretty easy to walk around when we arrived, also got busier and you could see more cruise boats all the time. When we first got here we weren’t that impressed, aside from the view and closeness of the water, but as we are now leaving we have become “part of the city” somewhat. We have conversations with restaurant people, some locals and I can see that over time it could grow on us. Learning the language, well, that’s another thing, as it is highly unlikely that we would learn Croatian beyond a few words. Very difficult and different than anything we were used to.

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Leg #2: Dubrovnik, actually a small village called Plat just 10 minutes south

We were only there for a week and when we walked into our unit we flipped as the balcony expanded to an amazing pano view of the channel and sea from a very high distance above. The unit itself was small, but very clean, and aside from not have a complete kitchen, worked beautifully. We found an amazing restaurant 100 yards down the street and ate there several times for amazingly good prices considering what they charge in Dubrovnik proper. We liked Dubrovnik Old Town, but as warned, it was crazy busy and hot in summer. We found some great places to enjoy the water and the beauty of Croatia is that you merely have to take a ride along the coast, and when you see a place that looks good, you stop. Parking is never a problem and you can do it any way you can!

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Leg #3, Lokva Rogoznica, a small village just south of Omis

This was the city whose name I could not pronounce, but loved immensely. As we rode into Omis the first time we, like everyone who does so, were amazed at the rock walls alongside the city. We were at this location for 10 days and this was a trip. The first time arriving we kept climbing up and up and up alongside the cliff wall. We finally get to this small village via several switchbacks and it looks deserted and empty. It mostly was but still enough people to create good energy and our unit was outstanding. We stayed with another couple for a novel experience, and each of us had two complete units with kitchens, baths, etc… Again, fantastic balcony very high up looking at the island of Brac. Several times rain arrived, we could see it doing so! And we watched lighting and heard thunder as though we were IN the storm. Pretty awesome.

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A car was required and we spent a lot of time at these beaches and in the town of Omis, plus did a great raft ride. We had a terrific guide and for about $35 spent 2.5 hours on the River Cetina. The only downside was my pixel phone was lost in the river (my bad) but otherwise, all good.

So, after 63 days the question is “Do we come back?” and the answer is a 1000% yes. Where, when are yet to be decided, but for anyone who lives or spends time in Croatia, you get it. For those that had no idea where it is, which included me just a year ago, get this destination on your vacation plan and bucket list. If you need help or suggestions on how to Travel Younger, just ask.


Norm Bour is a travel writer and blogger who teaches others how to “travel younger.” A Baby Boomer who permanently left the US in February 2019, Norm stays at different locations six weeks at a time, with no intention of stopping. He never traveled outside the US until 2016, but watched how the Millennials traveled affordably and with a great sense of adventure and fun. At age 64, he and his girlfriend decided to learn from those that were doing it right and is committed to inspiring Baby Boomers of any age to live their dream. Follow their journey at his Facebook blog under Travel Younger..

To learn more about the digital nomad opportunity in Croatia, check out the dedicated Total Croatia guide.

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