Anna Maria Kochanska on Zagreb Digital Nomad Ambassador Life in December

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Six months, six different monthly ambassadors (as well as Special Guest Ambassador Steve Tsentserensky), and a very active ambassador to finish the very successful Zagreb Digital Nomad Week & Ambassador program, which runs from June 21 to December. 

After ambassadors and partners from USA, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Israel and Singapore, Anna Maria Kochanska from Poland arrived to take up ambassadorial duties for the month of December. 

And she has been everywhere, enjoying Advent in Zagreb to the full, as well as organising several meetups in between her public speaking and media appearances. 

Each month has been very different, but I think it is fair to say that December has been by far the most active month in terms of ambassadorial activity, as Steve and Anna Maria have explored more of the city in a month than I manage in a year.

I caught up with Anna Maria just before Christmas at Canopy by Hilton, which hosted the press conference and opening day of Zagreb Digital Nomad Week back in June. I was initially a little worried at how our December ambassador would spend the last week of the year, as it is very much a family time of year.  

But I need not have worried, for I think Anna Maria had a lot more company and fun over the festive period than most of us.

Here she is interviewed at Canopy a few days ago, reflecting on her month in Zagreb so far and her plans for the festive period. 

Stay tuned for more information about Zagreb Digital Nomad Week 2022 – more details will be announced shortly. 

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