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Full disclosure – I really like the guy. 

When Tanja Polegubic from Saltwater Nomads, my co-organiser of Zagreb Digital Nomad Week, together with the Zagreb Tourist Board, called me excitedly to say that an Israeli nomad with his own community of 25,000 nomads had agreed to fly to Zagreb to speak at our conference, it didn’t register immediately on how significant this could be for the conference, but also for Zagreb’s digital nomad story.

His presentation on community building was one of the highlights of the conference (you can watch it above), and I learned a lot about the nomad movement in our week together. I particularly liked his mantra of ‘I travel solo, but I never travel alone.’ 

A quick interview at the end of the week also produced a rather nice soundbite when he was asked what Zagreb is missing in its digital nomad offer.

“Zagreb ticks all the boxes. The only thing missing in Zagreb are more digital nomads.’

That was in June. In September, Dean was back, this time as the official Zagreb Digital Nomad Ambassador for September. And what a whirlwind it was – I am pretty sure Dean saw more of the city and met more people than I have in my 18 years here. 

And there was almost a tear in his eye, as this man who lives to travel had to move on after his month in Zagreb. It had – it seeemed – captured his heart. 

And then, on the eve of Digital Nomad Week, where he is a speaker tomorrow, he sent me this:


After eight years as a digital nomad, and 100 plus countries traveled, I can confidently announce – the perfect destination for digital nomads and remote professionals is also Zagreb.

Also Zagreb because there is no one-destination-fits-all. ( what is perfect anyway?!)


Some nomads like beach destinations, others prefer snow, I enjoy big cities, and my best friend likes to hide in a remote village. We are diverse & different, and we should celebrate it.

Isn’t that what being a digital nomad all about?


As a digital nomad and a solo world traveler – community is key for me. What I discovered fairly quickly in my journey towards visiting all 196 countries of the world is that places are beautiful, but people, people are what will make this journey special.

And that’s why for me, the perfect nomad destination is also Zagreb.

Digital nomad community? Also Zagreb


Plenty of coffee shops with proper wifi? You will find it also in Zagreb

Multiple co-work spaces with different vibes? Also Zagreb

Vibrant and active city-center hosting daily activities? Also Zagreb


Shopping for the non-minimalists among us? Also Zagreb

Excellent lifestyle to cost-of-living ratio? Also Zagreb

Beautiful wine country, romantic ports, and untouched nature a short drive away? Also Zagreb


Well connected airport making it easy for my mom to come visit? Also Zagreb

Zagreb is not the mecca of nomads, nor the hot-spot for remote-professionals you typically read about in travel magazines – but it has it all – hence why it is now one of multiple cities I enjoy visiting regularly. From one visit to another, the list of friends I am excited to catch-up with is getting longer, as more nomads turn Zagreb into their homebase, thanks to a unique Digital Nomad Visa, allowing nomads to stay up to a year, and have access to banking & health care.


And that’s big, especially if you are tired of monthly visa-runs, or tired of the constant traveling.

I go to Zagreb when I want to sink into a routine, enjoy dinner with the same people week after week, and feel part of the place, rather than a spectator. I go for my calm.

If you are after the extraordinaire, the spectacular, or the heaven on heart – I can direct to places like Japan, Iceland, or Samoa, if you feel at home among the crowd – head to Shanghai, connect with the inner-you – all the way India, Bungee jump – New Zealand is your home.


One you have done exploring – meet me in Zagreb, let’s walk the old streets, pick one of the many bars, and grab a glass of local wine.

The best city for digital nomads is also Zagreb.

I’ve experienced it first hand during my 3rd & longest visit to the city – from the moment I arrived, everything was easy.

Finding a mid-term place to stay, getting familiar with the city layout, public transportation, and mapping the best places for nomads was a breeze thanks for number of resources, all geared towards digital nomads – check out the dedicated page on Zagreb’s board of Tourism, join the Discord chat (how many cities have that?!), connect with locals, and fellow nomads on the Facebook group, and stay up to date with the help of Croatia’s own Digital Nomads Association (how many countries have that?!).


One more factor which made me feel very welcome in Zagreb, is the sincere steps Zagreb’s officials, and the Croatian government are making toward us – digital nomads.

No more vague policy around remote-work in the country, no need to feel we are working from cafes illegally, and finally – a country who recognizes the benefits of hosting remote professionals, and the contribution we make to the local economy, and strong connection we form with the locals.

I am now touring the world, visiting friends in various countries, spending time with my adorable nephews, and pushing towards the goal of visiting all 196 countries of the world, but eventually – I will back to the perfect place for digital nomads – (also) Zagreb.

Go experience the magic for yourself, and drop me a line when you there – I might be there as well.

Say YES! Go Explore,

Dean Kuchel

King of Digital Nomads 



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