Enjoy This Extensive List of Speed Cameras in Croatia

Katarina Anđelković

speed cameras in croatia

October 24, 2023 – If you are a driver, chances are you have had your picture taken by one of the many speed cameras in Croatia. They are located at 363 locations throughout the country. This year alone, about thirty more have been installed.

Using the latest data that the portal Gorica.info received from the Ministry of the Interior in August, 24Sata published the list of every single speed camera in Croatia, including its exact location on a specific road.

In addition to static speed monitoring devices, the Ministry of the Interior has 115 cameras that it moves from one location to another. The result is that, on average, one in three cases of speeding is recorded by a speed camera. These cameras are also becoming more advanced and can now record the speed of multiple vehicles at once. The fines are then sent to the addresses of drivers violating the law. Find the full list below, according to specific police departments (counties).


ROVIŠĆE, ŽABJAK, Žabjak street near intersection 6A; D28.
BJELOVAR, Velika Sredica street near the road 228; D43.
BJELOVAR, PRESPA, village of Prespa near intersection 31; D28.
GRUBIŠNO POLJE, MALI ZDENCI, Antun Mihanovića Street near the road no. 117; D5.
DARUVAR, DONJI DARUVAR, Bjelovarska Street near intersection 12; D5.
GAREŠNICA, HRASTOVAC, Kneza Mislava Street near intersection 3; D26.
GAREŠNICA, Ulica Matije Gupca near intersection 138; D45.
ČAZMA, Ulica Milana Novačića near intersection 89; D43.


KOVAČEVAC, street Kovačevac near road no. 84; ŽC4158.
SAPCI, Sapci Street near intersection 122; ŽC 4202.
RASTUŠJE, Rastušje street near intersection 2B; D53.
SIBINJ, Ulica Sibinjske žrtava near intersection 91; D525.
SIKIREVCI, Ulica cardinala Alojzija Stepinac, near intersection 160; D7.
SLAVONSKI BROD, Osječka street near the road 235; D423.
REŠETARI, Ulica Kralja Tomislava near intersection 36D, ŽC4158.
BAĆIN DOL (Nova Gradiška), Baćin Dol street near the road 86; D51.
SLAVONSKI BROD, Splavarska ulica “sever”.
SLAVONSKI BROD, Splavarska street “south”.
BRODSKI STUPNIK, Stjepana Radića Street, near intersection 125.
STARI SLATINIK (Municipality of Brodski Stupnik), Hrvatske branitelja street near the hill 155.
SLAVONSKI BROD, street Kerdeni bb.
SLAVONSKI BROD, Požeška street bb.
SLAVONSKI BROD, B. Milanovića Street, near intersection 5; D423.
SLAVONSKI BROD, Vida Došena street near the road no. 6.


ZARADEŽE (Ston Municipality) intersection of D674 and D414.
PLOČE, Plinjanska near intersection 45; D8.
DUBROVNIK, near Sinjska street on D8.
GRUDA (Municipality of Konavle); street Grude bb; D8.
METKOVIĆ, Splitska Street near intersection 25.
DUBROVNIK, Čajkovići, Čajkovići street, near intersection 3.
OREBIĆ (Municipality of Orebić), Bana Josipa Jelačića Street near intersection 60; D414.
KUPARI (Municipality of Župa Dubrovačka), Blato Street near intersection 18; D8.
PLAT (Municipality of Župa Dubrovačka), street Plat near intersection 5; D8.
DUBROVNIK, Ulica Pera Bakića near intersection 19.
METKOVIĆ, Ilica Zrinjski i Frankopana near intersection 125/1; D62.
CAVTAT, street Put od Cavtat near Intersection 26a, ŽC 6239.
ZVEKOVICA, street Put Uskoplja near the road 44, ŽC 6239.
MOKOŠICA (Dubrovnik), street along Jadranska cesta near intersection 10.
ROŽAT (Dubrovnik), Rožat Gornji street, near intersection 76.


LABIN, Vinež, Vinež street near intersection 14; ŽC5081.
RAŠA, Ivana Batelića Street near intersection 1; D66.
LOBORIKA, Marčana, Loborika street near road no. 25A; D66.
SVETVINČENAT, Jurišići Street near intersection 30; D77.
KANFANAR, Putini, Putini Street near intersection 2A; D303.
ROVINJ, street Kokuletovica near the road 91; ŽC5096.
POREČ, Kadumi; D302.
POREČ, Stranići near Nova Vasa; ŽC5041.
GALIŽANA, Fažanska ulica-Galižanska ulica intersection; D75.
FAŽANA, Valbandon, Puljska street bb; ŽC5115.
DEBELJUHI, Žminj, Debeljuhi street near road no. 1; ŽC5077.
BARBAN, Barban Street near intersection 63; D66.
ŽMINJ, Pazinska cesta near intersection 1G; ŽC5077.
NOVIGRAD, Stancijeta, Street Strada Kontesa near intersection 50.
MARČANA, Marčana Street near intersection 85; D66.
NOVIGRAD, street J.B. Tita; D75.
PAZIN, Zabrežani; D75.
PAZIN, Katun Trviški.
UMAG, Sveta Marija na Karst near hill 41; D75.
UMAG, Petrovija; D300.
UMAG, Avenija Grada Vukovara at kbr 13; D75.
UMAG, Stela Maris settlement; Ž5214.
PULA, Stankovićeva near the intersection with Vukovarska street.
PULA, Veruda Street near the intersection with Krležina Street.
PULA, veruda street near the intersection with Sisplac street.
PULA, Partizanski put near intersection 89.


DRAGANIĆ, Draganići Street near intersection 32; D1.
KARLOVAC, Braće Gojak street near intersection 134.
KARLOVAC, Turan Street near intersection 77; D1.
CEROVAC VUKMANIČKI, street Cerovac Vukmanički, no. 56; D1.
TUŠILOVIĆ, Tušilović Street near intersection 58; D1.
OGULIN, Stara Cesa Street near intersection 70; D42.
JOSIPDOL, Siča Street near intersection 49; D42.
SLUNJ, Plitvička Street near intersection 68; D1.
RAKOVICA, street Rakovica near intersection 37; D1.


KRIŽEVCI, Kalnička Street near intersection 44; D2.
KOPRIVNICA, Varaždinska street near the road 117/A; D2.
GLOGOVAC, Koprivnička Street near intersection 8; D2;
NOVIGRAD PODRAVSKI, Koprivnička Street near intersection 146; D2.
REKA, Stjepana Radića street near the road 28E; D41.
BUDANČEVICA, street Vladimira Nazor near the road no. 25; D2.
HAMPOVICA, Šimuna Pandura street near the road no. 80; D43.
GOLA, Stjepana Radića street near the road 118; D41.
KENĐELOVEC, Kenđelovac Street near the road no. 15; D28.
MAJUREC, Majurec Street near intersection 129; D41.
KRIŽEVCI, Ivana Gundulića Street near intersection 57.
KRIŽEVCI, street Branitelja Hrvatske at no. 40.
BOJNIKOVEC, street Bojnikovec near the road no. 24.
KRIŽEVCI, Ivana Lepusića Street between intersection 72 and 76; ŽC2089.

CAREVDAR (Križevci), Carevdar street near road number 131; D41.
KOPRIVNICA, Starogradska street near the road 88; ŽC2143.
KOPRIVNICA, street Miklinovec near the road 120.


OROSLAVJE, Andrije Gredičaka Street, near intersection 3i; D307.
KRAPINA, ulica Hrvatske branitelja bb (opposite A.Cesarec Elementary School).
VELIKO TRGOVIŠĆE, Stjepana Radića Street near intersection 73; ŽC2195.
DONJA STUBICA, Toplička cesta near intersection 29; D307.
BEDEKOVČINA, Matije Gupca Street near the road no. 47; ŽC2264.
ZABOK, Matije Gupca Street near the road no. 132; ŽC2195.
ZLATAR, Zagrebačka street cbr. 49; D29.
KRAPINA, Mihaljekov Jarek Street near the road no. 6.
ZLATAR BISTRICA, Veleškovec cbr. 47; D24.
ZLATAR BISTRICA, street Vladimira Nazor, near intersection 36; D29.
ĐURMANEC, the street through the village of Đurmanec near intersection 7; D74.
MAČE, street through the village of Mače near the road 13; D29.
TUHELJ, street through the town of Tuhelj near intersection 77; ŽC2248.


GOSPIĆ, Budačka Street near intersection 281; D25.
KORENICA, Josipa Jovića Street near intersection 45A; D1.
KORENICA, Vranovača Street near the road 30/3; D1.
SENJ, street Rijeka cesta bb; D8.
SVETI JURAJ, Varoš street near the elementary school; D8.
RIBARICA (Karlobag), at the intersection with the street for Plitka Draga Donja; D8.
PERUŠIĆ, Zrinskih i Frankopana street near intersection 9; D50.
KOMPOLJE, street through Kompolje near the primary school; D50.
LIČKI OSIK (Stari), street through the village of Lički Osik near road no. 78/3; D25.
LIČKO LEŠĆE, street through the town of Ličko Lešće near the road no. 206-206A; D50.
BRINJE, Frankopanska Street, opposite intersection 12; D23.
GOSPIĆ, Kaniška Street 101/1; D25.
ZALUŽNICA (Vrhovine municipality), Zalužnica street 147/a; D52.
VRHOVINE, Senjska street 64; D52.
DONJI BABIN POTOK (municipality of Vrhovine) at the turn for “Big bear”; D52.
NEIGHBORHOODS, (Varoš – Perušić municipality), street Varoš kbr 21; D50.
PRVAN SELO (municipality of Perušić), street through the village of Prvan Selo, cbr. 58D; D50.
KRIŽPOLJE, D23, 3rd section, 5km+400m.
SENJ, Stara cesta street near intersection 61; D8.


NEDELIŠĆE, Varaždinska Street near intersection 62; D3.
ŠENKOVEC, Maršala Tita Street near the road no. 69; D209.
ČAKOVEC, Southern bypass of the city of Čakovec; D3.
MALA SUBOTICA, Main street near intersection 151; D3.
MURSKO SREDIŠĆE, Josip Broz Tita Street near intersection 68; D209.
PRELOG, Čakovečka Street near intersection 64; D20.
ČAKOVEC, Zrinsko-Frankopanska street (at the height of the building of Ivan pl. Zajca no. 39).
BREZJE, Brezje Street near intersection 39; D227.
NEDELIŠĆE, street Vladimira Nazor, no. 10 A; ŽC2015.
GORNJI HRAŠĆAN, Čakovečka Street, street no. 112; D208.
PUŠĆINE, Čakovečka street intersection 99; D3.
STRAHONINEC, Poleve street 69; LC 20026.
BELICA, street Kralja Tomislava intersection 5; ŽC2018.
PRELOG, Zrinskih code no. 14; LC 20038.
KURŠANEC, Main street near road no. 15.
SAVSKA VES, Josipa Bajkovac street near road no. 48.
DONJI KRALJEVEC, Kolodvorska street near road no. 38; ŽC2034.
ŠTRUKOVEC, Štrukovec street near road no. 73; D209.
MURSKO SREDIŠĆE, Martinska street near intersection 86; ŽC2003.
IVANOVEC, Josipa Broz Street near the road no. 33.
NOVO SELO ROK, Rade Končara Street near the road 4A.
DONJA DUBRAVA, Koprivnička Street near intersection 5; D20.
STRAHONINEC, Dravska Street near intersection 39; LC 20026.
ŠENKOVEC, Augusta Šenoe Street near intersection 60.
DOMAŠINEC, Pere Pintara Street, cbr. 22; ŽC2003.
PUŠĆINE, Dravska Street near intersection 6; LC20048.
OREHOVICA, Nikola Tesla Street near intersection 19; ŽC2022.


OSIJEK, street J.J. Strossmayer near the hill 239.
OSIJEK, street J.J. Strossmayer near the hill 320.
ČEPIN, Grada Vukovar street; D7 (direction south).
ČEPIN, Grada Vukovar street; D7 (direction north).
CRET BIZOVAČKI, Matije Gupca Street near intersection 38; D2.
CRET BIZOVAČKI, Matije Gupca Street near intersection 110; D2.
ČEMINAC, Stjepana Radića street near the road 76; D7.
ČEMINAC, Stjepana Radića street near the road 6; D7.
PODRAVSKA MOSLAVINA, Josip Juraj Strossmayer Street near intersection 107; D34.
FERIČANCI, street Petrovac near the road 86; D2.
KUŠEVAC, Ante Starčevića Street near intersection 76A; D7.
SATNICA ĐAKOVAČKA, Bana Josip Jelačića Street near intersection 11; D53.
ĐURĐANCI, Main street near intersection 167; D46.
PIŠKOREVCI, Zagrebačka Street near intersection 20; D7.
ERNESTINOVO, street Vladimira Nazor near the road 143.


BRESTOVAC, Požeška Street near intersection 80; D51.
PLETERNICA, Ulica bana Josipa Jelačića near intersection 129; D38.
EMINOVCI, Vukovarska Street near intersection 97; D51.
PAKRAC, Aleja kestenova near intersection 20; D5.
VIDOVCI, Stjepana Radića Street near the road no. 49; D38.
SULKOVCI, street Sulkovci near intersection 52; D49
LIPIK, Antun Starčevića Street near intersection 79; D5.


DRAGA BAŠĆANSKA (Island of Krk), Draga Bašćanska street near the road no. 5; D102.
JADRANOVO, Smokovo Street near intersection 38 (BP Lukoil); D8.
DRENOVA (Rijeka), Goranska bb street opposite I. Žorža 17a street (in front of Fran Franković elementary school).
RIJEKA, Zvonimirova Street near intersection 16 (BP Crodux).
RIJEKA, Nova cesta bb (near the heating plant).
RIJEKA, Liburnijska Street near intersection 3.
RIJEKA, Rijeka bypass, junction Diračje; A7.
RIJEKA, Rijeka bypass, Škurinje II tunnel; A7.
KOSTRENA (Rijeka), Doričići Street near intersection 6; D8.
RIJEKA, Rujevica – opposite Tići street 16A; ŽC5215.

OPATIJA, New road near intersection 53 (in front of O.Š. R.K. Jeretov).

BAKAR, Industrial Zone Kukuljanovo, Street Kukuljanovo bb; ŽC5205.


LEKENIK, DUŽICA, Zagrebačka ulica near intersection 31; D30.
PETRINJA, Vukovarska Street near intersection 9; D37.
SISAK, Petrinjska Street near intersection 30; D37.
GLINA, PREKOPA, street through the village of Prekopa near the hill 133; D37.
GLINA, GORNJI VIDUŠEVAC, street through the village of Gornji Viduševac near
road no. 172; D6.
POPOVAČA, GORNJA GRAČENICA, ul. Zagrebačka near intersection 146; ŽC3124.
KUTINA, Hrvatske branitelja street, near intersection 21; D45.
KUTINA, KUTINSKA SLATINA, Stjepana Kefelje Street near intersection 15; D45.


KAŠTELA, Kaštel Lukšić, ivana pavla II street. code no. 232; D8.
SOLIN, Solin-Kaštela highway, Sveti Kajo; D8.
SPLIT, Poljička cesta near Intersection 39; D410.
SPLIT, Domovinsko rata street near intersection 93.
SPLIT, Sirobuja, St. Kralja Stjepana Držislava near intersection 22; D8.
SPLIT, Smokovik, zbora narodne garda street near intersection 8; D8.
KLIS KOSA, Solin-Klis expressway; D1.
KLIS VAROŠ, Kneza Trpimira Street near intersection 229; ŽC6253.
IMOTSKI, Glavina Donja near road no. 477; D60.
IMOTSKI, Gudelji Velage, 3rd Imotski battalion near hill station. 94; D76.
DICMO, Osoje near Intersection 7; D1.
MAKARSKA, Dubrovačka Street near intersection 29; D8.
TROGIR, Kneza Trpimira street near the road 30; ŽC6133.
TROGIR, Plano, Plano Street near intersection 150; ŽC6091.
PROLOŽAC DONJI, ul. Hrvatske branitelja, no. 32; ŽC6157.
PODACA, Jadranska magistrala near intersection 4A; D8.
PODGORA, Čaklje district, Dubrovačka street code no. 5; D8.
RUSKAMEN, Highway Ruskamen near road no. 16; D8.
DUĆE, Poljička cesta near road no. 79; D8.
SEGET VRANJICA, Kralja Tomislava Street near Intersection 121; D8.
SPLIT, Lovrinac, Kralja Držislava street near road no. 15; D8.
KOŠUTE (Trilj), Vukovarska Street near intersection 43; D60.
VINJANI DONJI (Imotski), street through the village of Vinjani Donji near road no. 393; D60.
TROGIR, settlement of Arbanija, Domovinze präštešti Str. near Intersection 47; D126.
OTOK MUNICIPALITY, place of Gala, str. through the place of Gala at intersection 156/A, ŽC6289.
OTOK MUNICIPALITY, Alojzija Stepinca St. 20; ŽC6289.
OTOK MUNICIPALITY, Ivana Pavla II Street. code no. 23; LC 67040.
DUGOPOLJE, street Bleiburška žrtava near the road 49; ŽC 6260.
DUGOPOLJE, Bleiburška žrtava St., opposite the building with intersection 11; ŽC 6260.
DUGOPOLJE, St. Sv. Mihovil near the hill 19; ŽC 6145.
TOWN OF TRILJ, Vedrine settlement, Domovinsko rata street near road no. 12; D220.
TOWN OF TRILJ, in the town of Ugljane, str. through the town of Ugljane, near road no. 14; D60.
TOWN OF TRILJ, Bana Josipa Jelačića street at no. 15; D60.
TOWN OF TRILJ, street Sv. Mihovila near road no. 25; D60.
TOWN OF TRILJ, place of Velić, str. through the place of Velići near intersection 9/A; D220.
CITY OF VRLIKA, Podosoje, str. through the village of Podosoje near the road no. 10; D1.
TOWN OF SINJ, Glavice Gornje, str. through the place of Glavice Gornje, near road no. 489/A; D219.
TOWN OF SINJ, Brnaze, str. through the village of Brnaze near the road 406; D1.
TOWN OF SINJ, Domovinsko rata St. near intersection 84; D219.
TOWN OF SINJ, Put Piketa St. near road no. 4; LC 67040.
LOVREĆ MUNICIPALITY, intersection of Franje Tuđman Street and Put Groblja Street; D60.
LOVREĆ MUNICIPALITY, village of Katići, street through the village of Katići near road no. 12; D60.
MUNICIPALITY OF ZADVARJE, ulica Hrvatskih branitelja near road no. 120; D39.
MUNICIPALITY OF CISTA PROVO, Franje Tuđmana Street near intersection 71; D60.
CISTA PROVO MUNICIPALITY, Cista Velika, Dr. Franja Tuđmana Street, near intersection 43; D60.
MUNICIPALITY OF ZAGVOZD, Franje Tuđmana St. near intersection 47; D62.
ŠESTANOVAC MUNICIPALITY, Katuni settlement, Radobiljska cesta near road no. 44; ŽC 6260.
MUNICIPALITY OF PODSTRANA, cesta Sv. Martin near intersection 117; D8.
MUNICIPALITY OF PODSTRANA, cesta Sv. Martin near intersection 1; D8.
MUNICIPALITY OF PODSTRANA, Grljevačka Street near intersection 31; D8.
MUNICIPALITY OF PODSTRANA, Poljička Street near intersection 28; ŽC6142
CITY OF IMOTSKI, Vinjani Donji, D60.
CITY OF IMOTSKI, Vinjani Donji, D76.


PIROVAC, intersection of Zagrebačka street and D8 (22 km); D8.
VODICE, ŽC6286, 9km + 500m, near the “Dental” center.
STUPIN ČELINA, D8, 37 km+700m.
PODORLJAK, D8, 40km+600m.
DUBRAVA JUNCTION near Šibenik, D33, 27 km+800m.
ANY, D8, 23 km.
VODICE, VODICKA OBILAZNICA, overpass above Zatonska Street; D8.
VODICE, VODICKA OBILAZNICA, intersection of Ž6086 and D8.
KNIN, Kralja Tomislava Street near intersection 131A; D33.
ŠIBENIK, intersection of D8 and the access road towards D33.
GREBAŠTICA (Šibenik), Bašelović Street near Intersection 110, D8.
ČENIĆI, street through the village of Čenići near the road no. 163; D33 (14 km + 300 m).
DUBRAVA (Tisno municipality), intersection of the street near the Church and D59.
TISNO, Stjepana Radića street near street number 30; D121.


TOMAŠEVEC BIŠKUPEČKI, Zagrebačka Street near intersection 26; D3.
TRNOVEC BARTOLOVEČKI, Ludbreška Street near the road 24; D2.
VARAŽDIN, Braće Radić street near road no. 166.
VARAŽDIN, Zagrebačka Street near intersection 222.
HRAŠČICA, street Kralja Tomislava bb; D2 (20 km + 900 m).
VARAŽDIN, Koprivnička Street near intersection 4 (direction west).
VARAŽDIN, Eastern Varaždin bypass (2 km + 400 m); D2.
VARAŽDIN, East Varaždin bypass (0 km + 900 m); D2.
IVANEC, Croatia near cbr. 41A; ŽC 2101.
MARUŠEVEC, Jurketinec near road no. 34; D35.
MARUŠEVEC, Koretinec near hill 131; ŽC 2029.
VIDOVEC, Cargovec, Varaždinska ulica near intersection 20; D35.
VIDOVEC, Stjepana Radića street near the road 120; D35.
ŠEMOVEC, Koprivnička Street near intersection 67; D2.

ZAMLAKA, Agrarna Street near intersection 22; D2.
KAŠTELANEC, street through the town of Kaštelanec near the road no. 22; ŽC2052.
JALŽABET, Varaždinska Street near intersection 37; ŽC2052.
VARAŽDIN, Krešimir Filića Street near the road no. 98.
VARAŽDIN, Jalkovečka Street near intersection 124.
VARAŽDIN, Ante Starčevića bb street (next to Lav restaurant).


PITOMAČA, Ljudevita Gaja street near the road 183A; D2.
STARI GRADAC, Matije Gupca Street, near intersection 7; D2.
KAPELA DVOR, street Kapela Dvor near intersection 29A; D5.
VIROVITICA, Josip Juraj Strossmayer Street near intersection 171.
SUHOPOLJE, Vukovarska Street near intersection 77; D2.
SLATINA, street Vladimira Nazor near the road 261; D34.
ŠAŠEVO, street through the town of Šaševo near the road no. 9; D34.
ČAĐAVAČKI LUG, street through the village of Čađavački Lug near the road 55; D34.
BUKOVAČKI ANTUNOVAC, street through the village of Bukovački Antunovac near road no. 80; D2.
ČAČINCI, Vinogradska Street near intersection 62; D2.


VINKOVCI, NC Vinkovci-Rokovci (near the Stari Kunjevci hunting lodge).
VINKOVCI, Ulica Hrvoja Vukčića Hrvatinića near intersection 91.
IVANKOVO, Žrtava fášizma STREET near road number 96. ŽC4167.
GRADIŠTE, intersection of Ul. Dr. M. Kadić and D55.
LOVAS, Mlinska Street near intersection 18; ŽC 4174.
VINKOVCI, South Vinkovac bypass near the intersection with Josipa Kozarac street; D46.
IVANKOVO, Gorjani Street near intersection 252; D46.
VUKOVAR, Priljevo street near intersection 137; D2.
NUŠTAR, Križno puta street near intersection 122; D55.
MARINCI, Alojzija Stepinca street near the road no. 12; ŽC4137.
ILOK, Ivana Goran Kovačića street near the road no. 35; ŽC4200.
ŠARENGRAD, S. Radića Street near the road no. 170. D2.
MOHOVO, Grada Vukovara Street near intersection 30; D2.
IVANKOVO, street Bošnjaci near the road 195; D46.
PRKOVCI, street Glavna near intersection 17; ŽC4167.
VINKOVCI, Hansa Dietricha Genscher Street near intersection 51.
VINKOVCI, Alojzija Stepinac Street near the intersection with Kralja Stjepana Tomašević Street.
VINKOVCI, Lapovačka Street near intersection 15.
VINKOVCI, Kralja Zvonimir Street near the road 149.
VUKOVAR, Bana Josipa Jelačića Street near intersection 93; D2.
VUKOVAR, ulica Dvanaest redarstvenika near street number 87; D519.
RETKOVCI, Braće Radića Street near intersection 76; ŽC4167.
IVANKOVO, Rojičani Street near intersection 51; ŽC4167.
ŠTITAR, street M. Gupca near the road no. 31; ŽC4218.
STARI MIKANOVCI, Osječka Street near intersection 53; ŽC4133.
ŽUPANJA, Mladena Ćatića Street near intersection 91; ŽC4218.


CITY OF ZADAR, D8 (28 km +500 m).
CITY OF ZADAR, D8 (1 km + 550 m).
SUKOŠAN, D8 (11 km + 50 m).
BIOGRAD n/m, D8 (0 km + 450 m).
PAKOŠTANE, D8 (5 km + 950 m).
STARIGRAD, D8 (48 km + 400 m).
MURVICA, D8 (22 km + 900 m).
BIBINJE, D8 (6 km + 100 m).
POLÍČNIK, D8 (16 km + 800 m).
SAINT PETER, D8 (15 km + 850 m).
DRAGE, intersection of Bana Josip Jelačića and D8 streets.
POSEDARJE, intersection of Petra Preradovića and D8 streets.
STARIGRAD, Seline, intersection of Trg Zukva and D8.
CITY OF ZADAR, Ante Starčevića Street.
CITY OF ZADAR, ŽC6007 (next to the waterworks).
CITY OF ZADAR, Obala kneza Trpimir bb.
CITY OF ZADAR, Splitska street near the intersection with Slavko Perovića street.
CITY OF ZADAR, Benkovačka cesta near the intersection with Sv. Nikola Tavelić.
CITY OF ZADAR, Miroslava and Janko Perica Brothers Street,
CITY OF ZADAR, Benka Benkovića Street, opposite the entrance to LIDL.
CITY OF ZADAR, Hrvatski Sabora Street.
CITY OF ZADAR, Antuna Gustava Matoš Street.
CITY OF ZADAR, Put Bokanjca.
CITY OF ZADAR, Bregdetti Street.
CITY OF ZADAR, Borka Šarlija Kese Street.
CITY OF ZADAR, settlement Crno.
CITY OF ZADAR, Kožino near intersection 26, D306.
CITY OF ZADAR, Petrčane, street Punta Radman bb.


ZAGREB (Dubrava), Dubrava Street near the intersection with II. Meadows.
ZAGREB (Trnje), Slavonska avenue near the intersection with Cvjetna cesta.
ZAGREB (Trnje), Slavonska avenue near the intersection with Sachs road.
ZAGREB (Trnje), Marin Držić Avenue near the intersection with Slavonska Avenue.
ZAGREB, Aleja Grada Bologna near the intersection with Dubravica Street.
ZAGREB, Grada Bologna Alley near the intersection with Podsusedska Alley.
ZAGREB (Zagreba ring road near Kosnica junction), 34th km A3.
ČEGLJE (Jastrebarsko), Čeglje street, by the road no. 13; D1.
PAVUČNJAK (Samobor), Karlovačka cesta near intersection 10; D1.
ŽERJAVINEC (Sesvete), Omladinska ulica near intersection 8; D3.
ZAGREB, Ilica street near intersection 438.
ZAPREŠIĆ, Ulica bana Josipa Jelačića near intersection 102.
ZAPREŠIĆ, Ulica Zelengaj near intersection 15.
ZAPREŠIĆ, Ulica Dragutina Tadijanovića bb.
ZAPREŠIĆ, Avenija Hrvatske branitelja near intersection 132.
IVANEC BISTRANSKI (Zaprešić), Stubička street near intersection 70.
BRDOVEC, (Zapreršić), Ilije Gregorića Street near the road no. 119.
PRIGORJE BRDOVEČKO (Zaprešić), Zagrebačka Street near the road 69.



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