Despite Issues, Foreign Employees in Croatia Praise Country

Lauren Simmonds

foreign employees in croatia

January the 27th, 2024 – They unfortunately continue to face a wide range of issues, but foreign employees are still very happy with life in Croatia in general.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, as Croats leave, foreign employees from more and more distant countries trickle in. There are plenty of obstacles to face for them in Croatia, from language barriers to shady employers and racism, but little is standing in their way on the whole.

“I send everything I earn here back tome to India. I plan to work as a delivery man for two or three years, and then I’ll switch jobs. My family is coming to Croatia to join me, too,” said Kuldeep from India.

For them, Croatia is the promised land, which might sound rather mind boggling to most Croats. Kuldeep pointed out that he feels better in Croatia than he did at home and that he has made connections here, as reported by N1.

Despite the positives, of which there are many, the housing and working conditions that typically greet foreign employees in Croatia are often below par. A Telegram journalist discovered a yard in the very centre of Zagreb where 32 foreign workers were being crammed into 183 square metres of state-owned business housing.

“The state leased that space out back in 2022 to a company called Prevuno, which is owned by a certain Marko Mohorović, who also owns some other companies. From what I’ve seen from those records, financially, he’s actually making very good money from those companies. So… it wasn’t clear to me why he was involved with this type of thing at all, and if he was aware of what was going on here, why didn’t he make that space more suitable for housing all those people?” asked Andrej Dimitrijević, a Telegram journalist.

Many people are trying to take advantage and unscrupulously make money from the accommodation of foreign employees in Croatia, warned that same journalist, and the regulations that would determine the conditions for those foreign workers still don’t exist.

“It’s a very nice place. Everything is very good. We have hot water and the company also provides us with our spices,” said Sahin Yordemt from Turkey.

“Croatia is beautiful. The people here are very kind. They’re respectful, polite, tidy, and nice people. The accommodation is very good”, explained Ali Atesh from Turkey.

While it is still a major problem, not all foreign employees in Croatia are having to deal with living in subpar conditions.

“We have three rooms and six people live in them. I used to work in Muscat, and back there, there were six people in one room, here there are only two of us and everything is clean. I’m very happy to live here”, said Ebi Charoth from India.

“The salaries we earn are perfect. The company pays us salaries properly at the end of each month. Croatia is very beautiful. I haven’t had any negative situations so far. People from Bangladesh come here to work every day. This country is very good. I’d like to find a good job so that my wife can move here with me,” explained Shahab Uddin from Bangladesh.


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