Ivica Todorić: ”I’m Not Hiding And My Conscience Is Pure”

Lauren Simmonds

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The net may be closing in, but the blog stays active.

Despite a warrant for his arrest having been issued by Europol, the former Agrokor boss still finds the time, wherever he may be, to take to his now infamous blog to write his thoughts and feelings on the increasingly unpleasant unfolding situation surrounding him. Are his alleged crimes finally catching up on him? Or will Agrokor’s formerly untouchable ”gazda” manage to slither out of this one too?

In a much shorter, and much, much less accusatory text than usual, Ivica Todorić sends out what is obviously expected to be perceived as a message of courage and defiance on the 2nd of November, 2017, we’re not so sure if the police will see it that way. As usual, we bring you Ivica Todorić’s ”short but sweet” blog post translated into English below:

”I’m not hiding and my conscience is pure, but as a man who has had his human rights deeply violated, I am within [my] full rights to oppose the political persecution and to [not have to] accept pre-constructed guilt. My lawyers are in constant contact with the authorities and competent institutions who’ve been aware of my address, even before any investigation was initiated against me.”


Ivica Todorić’s blog post translated in full from ivicatodoric.hr

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