How Local Croatian-BiH Border Passes Work

Lauren Simmonds

local croatian-bih border passes
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July the 5th, 2023 – If you live within a five kilometre radius from the border with neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can be issued with local Croatian-BiH border passes. Here’s how they work.

Local Croatian-BiH border passes

First things first, we need to clear up what exactly the Republic of Croatia issues, and what the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina issues. If you live within five miles of the Croatian-BiH border on Croatian territory, then Bosnia and Herzegovina will be the body which issues you with local Croatian-BiH border passes. If you live within five kilometres of the border but in Bosnia and Herzegovina, then the Croatian authorities will be the body which issues you with the pass.

Why are local Croatian-BiH border passes issued at all?

If you have legitimate economic, personal (such as family and social) connections with border area between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, or perhaps you own property located there, then you can apply for this pass.

How you can apply for a pass

If you live within a five kilometre radius of the Croatian-BiH border, then you can make your application for a pass. In order to apply, you’ll need to come physically to an administrative police station or go to a Croatian consular post located on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Once approved, you’ll once again need to go in person to pick up your local border pass. This collection will take place at the location at which the initial application was made (either at an administrative police station or at a diplomatic mission/Croatian consular post in BiH).

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These passes are issued solely upon the direct and written request of an applicant on the basis of Article 7 of the Agreement between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia on local border traffic.

What you’ll need to enclose alongside your application

Alongside your application form, you’ll also need to present the authorities with numerous documents.

Your valid travel document and a copy of it will be required (this will then be compared and confirmed to be a match by the officer)

You’ll need to prove that you live within five kilometres of the border

You’ll need to provide adequate proof of your need to cross the Croatian-BiH border frequently under the conditions of the local traffic regime for which local Croatian-BiH border passes are issued. Said proof must not be older than six months from the date of your application. This proof can be an employment contract, proof of your property ownership, proof you’re a land owner, the deeds to your house, etc).

Two photographs of yourself (30×35 mm).

How long does one pass remain valid?

The maximum period of time for which local Croatian-BiH border passes can be issued is five years, or earlier if the government issued identity document used to make the application for said pass expires sooner than that. As of the day the Republic of Croatia entered the European Union (July the 1st, 2013), local Croatian-BiH border passes have contained an RFID chip, which means they’re biometric and boast electronic data storage.

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How much do they cost once approved?

Once approved for your pass, you’ll need to pay just under 30 euros to the authorities (MUP says 29.86 euros to be precise, at the time of writing).


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