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Croatia is a pristine paradise, but like most of the planet these days, the environment in Croatia is under threat. A look at issues & local action groups.

The National and Nature Parks of Croatia

What better advert for the clean environment in Croatia than the fact that some 10% of the country belongs to national and nature parks?

There are 19 of these in total, and the respresent some of the most spectacular natural beauty in all Europe. From islands to wetlands, mountains to lakes, get to know the 8 national and 12 nature parks of Croatia. All in one page, each with its own video.

Land of Nikola Tesla and the EV Revolution

Croatia is, of course, the birthplace of one Nikola Tesla. His genius transformed the world, and Tesla’s birth village of Smiljan is set in a region of spectacular regional beauty.

His legacy lives on in many forms, not least in the annual electric vehicle rally named after him.

The Nikola Tesla EV Rally gets described as the ‘quietest and cleanest rally in the world’. It’s already had more than half a dozen of installments and so far attracted none other than Mate Rimac, Maye Musk (mother of Mr. Modern-Day Tesla, Elon), and Paul Runge, the first purchaser of Rimac’s Concept One, who also took part in the 2016 rally.

The rally is the showpiece of one company, E.V.A Blue, which has done more than any other to push the electric vehicle environment in Croatia.

There were just 4 charging stations and 5 registered electric cars in Croatia in early 2014. That was the year the rally began. Today, there are more than 300 charging stations, including several Tesla Supercharger stations. Much more progress is on the way, and you can follow it on the E.V.A. Blue website.

Keeping the Beaches Clean

The beaches of Croatia are one of the country’s great natural treasures (find out Total Croatia’s recommendations to the best ones).

Keeping the beaches clean is a constant challenge, however. Not only is there the issue of lazy tourists (and locals), but the tides of the Adriatic also wash up trash from the sea.

Annual clean-ups before the season begins are now a well-established way of life in many communities. There are also several excellent initiatives to raise awareness and get visitors involved in the cleanup. One of my favourites is Blue Bag – why not get involved next time you’re in Croatia?

Waste Management and the EU

EU entry has brought some of Croatia’s environmental strategies into question. EU law enforcement is also forcing the country to adopt better practices in its environmental policies.

One of the key areas where some change is urgent is waste management. Land fill has been the basic strategy for too long, and recycling is still in its infancy. This is slowly changing, however, and you can follow progress in our Total Eco Croatia section.

Pesticides and Organic Farming

Croatia has a large agricultural sector, and its potential to develop organic farming is huge. While there are certainly plenty of initiatives in this field, progress is slow. The use of pesticides is a major problem in Croatia, and elsewhere.

The use of pesticides is one of the key areas local NGO Eco Hvar has been addressing in recent years. An epic piece on the use of Glyphosate is well worth a read, and you can follow Eco Hvar’s well-researched work here.

Useful Contacts and Information Resources

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy

Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund

Croatian Environment and Nature Agency

PDF with All the Latest Environmental Info

European Environment Agency on Croatia

Total Eco Croatia


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