Living in Croatia

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Croatian Emergency Services On Land, At Sea, And Up Mountains

Lauren Simmonds

Forget your 999s and your 911s. 112 is the number you’ll need to memorise when it comes to the Croatian ...

Croatian Wildlife: The Big 5 – Sharks, Snakes, Bears, Wolves and Lynxes

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Nobody can really talk about mountains and the less inhabited areas of Dalmatia without talking about some rather venomous residents ...

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How to Croatia – Getting an OIB and Opening a Bank Account

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It appears that wherever we may roam on this tiny blue dot taking trips around the sun, we end up ...

How to Croatia – Navigating The World of Croatian Health Insurance

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Nobody wants to think of themselves becoming unwell, developing a hernia or breaking a bone, but it happens. You might ...

Pets in Croatia – Laws, Strays, Dog Beaches and Dalmatians

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While the City of Zagreb is dominated by well looked-after small ‘apartment dogs’ such as Lhasa Apsos, Pomeranians, Yorkshire Terriers ...

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Roads, Laws, Alcohol and Car Rentals – How to Drive in Croatia

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People always laugh at me when I go on about how good Croatian roads are, but they really, really are. ...

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Altruism and Residence Permits – How to Volunteer in Croatia

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When it comes to volunteering abroad, you tend to get back just as much as you give in the form ...

The Two Types of Brit in Croatia: Pre and Post Brexit

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Split almost entirely down the middle, the vote to leave the EU came as an enormous European and global shock, ...

The Lowdown on Croatian Residence Permits and Travel Regulations

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Once you’ve received your first temporary residence permit, be it valid for a year, two years, three years, four or ...

Famous Croatians: Living, Sport, Inventors, Actors & Writers

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Wherever you look in the world, the impact of famous Croats over the centuries will be there to see. A ...