Croatian Genox Products Gain Huge Interest, Company Building New Plant

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As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, after two years of effort and testing, Croatian Genox, a company which deals with the development of environmentally friendly disinfectants and cleaners, has gained recognition in the form of a halal certificate.

On Wednesday, a certificate ceremony was held at the company’s headquarters in Velika Gorica near Zagreb, and as their business during the pandemic increased dramatically, did demand, Genox will soon start working on a new plant in Pleternica, the hometown of the company’s founder – Marijana Cisko.

Genox is otherwise the largest Croatian manufacturer of ecological disinfectants and cleaners, they have been producing them for almost 20 years, and their users are households, shops, factories, farms, hospitals, the police, and those workig in civil protection. As previously mentioned, the disinfectant business has exploded ever since the coronavirus pandemic struck, and now the Croatian Genox company is hoping for more exports to countries where halal certification is required.

“Genox meets all the rigorous criteria for being declared a halal product, starting with the fact that it doesn’t contain a single molecule of alcohol. We simply don’t use it and that’s our biggest advantage. There are many benefits, our products are safe, they aren’t explosive, nor are they flammable, they don’t evaporate so they don’t need special protection measures in handling,” pointed out molecular biology engineer Marijana Cisko who runs this family business in Velika Gorica.

Genox disinfectant is produced with a special, protected Aquagen technology and undertakes thirteen steps of physico-chemical procedures based on activated water ions, and the founder and director are responsible for this entirely Croatian piece of innovation.

Croatian Genox disinfectant successfully destroys microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, algae, spores and biofilm, and due to its harmlessness and efficiency it was used by divers during the tragic floods in Slavonia back in 2014, with many taking showers in Genox after emerging from flood water which likely contained harmful pathogens.

Earlier on, all these benefits were noticed by buyers from Muslim countries, and their interest rose sharply during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I believe that this certificate will open many doors for us that will remain inaccessible to the vast majority whose disinfectants are mostly alcoholic. We expect increased exports to the markets of the region, primarily Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also to some more remote one,” stated the director of the company.

The certificate was handed over to the company by Aldin Dugonjic, who heads the Centre for Halal Quality Certification at the Islamic Community in Croatia, and the chief supervisor of halal quality, Muhamed Mandzic.

“According to the latest research, companies in Croatia increase the export of their products by up to 50 percent after obtaining a halal certificate. Taking into account the rapid growth and development of the halal market, our expectations for Croatian Genox products are high, but they clearly depend on sales and marketing activities in the market,” said Aldin Dugonjic.

He stated that in the decade of the Centres existence, they have issued more than 150 certificates, and in the database of companies with a halal certificate, the food industry is the most represented, followed by caterers and then the chemical industry.

It’s also worth mentioning that the TLK Group, which also includes Genox as a company, has started building a new factory in the Pleternica Business Zone, in which they plan to invest around 40 million kuna. The factory will be built in two to three years and will employ about 30 people. In the first phase, the factory itself will be built, which is an investment worth 25 million kuna, then a research laboratory and finally an administrative building will follow.

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