Infinity Luxury: Croatian Company Makes First Eco Smart Shower

Lauren Simmonds

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Ivan Tominac writes on the 7th of August, 2020, the Croatian company Infinity luxury is the very first in the entire world to make an outdoor portable shower with an inverted L design made of stone, ceramic or HPL that has its own power supply and as such consumes less water.

Today, sustainability is the primary focus of the economy, entrepreneurship and society in general, and the main backbones of any sense of sustainability are technology and environmental protection. The connection between these two concepts is becoming the key to success today, and Infinity Luxury, a Croatian company that manufactures smart showers, knows that very well.

Their most important goal is to point out the global problem of drinking water consumption, and to be part of the driver of awareness of this problem, as such, they focused on developing a system that will save water. ”Through three years of business, with many ideas as well as failed attempts, we were able to come up with a solution that allows for water savings of between 50 percent and 75 percent. We achieved this by reducing the water pressure inside the shower and by activating a motion sensor,” stated Stefano Ladavac, Infinity Luxury’s director.

Young entrepreneur Stefano Ladavac started thinking about this idea, noticing that the showers on the beaches in Rovinj, Istria, are quite outdated and consume a lot of water when used. He confirmed his thesis at the beginning of 2017 by working at a hotel in Opatija where the situation was very much the same. It was these situations that prompted him to start thinking about an outdoor eco-friendly stone shower.

“I had no idea how to create an outdoor shower that needs electricity, but that doesn’t have to depend on it. Then I saw the brilliant idea for a smart bench from Ivan Mrvos that uses solar energy for power. In this way, I came up with the idea that the product design should be the inverted letter L, in order to place solar panels for the production of electricity on top,” explained Ladavac.

For the realisation of such an idea, it was necessary to establish a company, and as Ladavac notes today, the goals and thoughts about entrepreneurship that he had back then are very different from those he has at the moment. At times, they even considered giving up, but with support such as that from European Union funds, they continued despite the obstacles in their path. The desire for success wasn’t an easy road to take, and they often were dogged by fear and made some bad decisions, but the company now employs five people and two external associates, and the goal is to have ten employees by the end of this year.

For success today, it isn’t important to be the best, but different – this is the mantra that has accompanied Infinity Luxury over the past few years of the company’s constant growth and improvement. Their showers are special for their sensor-activated water activation system, which not only reduces water consumption, but also increases the hygienic conditions of the shower by reducing the possibility of bacterial transmission, it also independently produces energy via its own solar panels. Additionally, they can boast of being the first in the world to make an outdoor portable shower with a special inverted L design from stone, ceramic or HPL.

Before launching their product on the market, Infinity Luxury tried to convince potential customers of its quality and functionality. For this reason, in the first years of operation, they has their showers tested out in public locations and on a test specimen by a pool.

“After it turned out that the product did in fact meet all of the conditions, we launched it on the Croatian market. The first customer of our smart shower was the nCroatian ational team member Dejan Lovren, for whom we installed a personalised shower by the pool of his hotel, hotel Joel in Novalja. After that, we started to record better results here on the domestic market and we decided to present our innovation on the foreign market.

The first partners came from England and Italy, and now we’re expanding our business to America, Asia and Dubai. Cooperation with a manufacturer of ceramic tiles called Marazzi has opened the doors of the world market to us, so we’ve set a goal to be present across twenty markets by the end of 2020,” added Infinity Luxury’s director.

The price of the product is dictated by the choice of materials and functions, and the starting price is 2000 euros.

The installation of the product, as they say from the company, is quite simple, and before the delivery, the customer receives a draft of the foundation that needs to be prepared for the shower. Although the price, especially here on the domestic market, can be a problem, Infinity Luxury’s sales and marketing department makes every effort to justify the price. ”Our partners receive training and receive all the necessary materials to be able to handle our product properly. The installation of ceramic and HPL showers is less demanding than those made of stone, solely because of the weightm” added Ladavac.

They are currently focusing on the development of the new Adaquo brand, which will focus on sustainability and water saving, and together with Marazzi, they’re developing a luxury brand of outdoor showers.

”The plan is to continuously develop new products that will contribute to environmental protection. Its our R&D team that is completing the prototype of the shower that we will present at Idea Knockout, and it’s an outdoor shower that will have an advertising screen, and it will be controlled through applications,” concluded Infinity Luxury’s director.

For more on Croatian innovation, follow Made in Croatia.


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