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June 3, 2019 – A fantastic new souvenir for Dubrovnik. Meet the chocolate Orlando cubit to celebrate the Year of Orlando 2019.

Another day, another fabulous piece of creative innovation from Croatian youth. 

I had an email from a young lady called Nikolina earlier, who wanted to tell me about a new souvenir she had developed for the Dubrovnik market. A souvenir which was edible (yummy chocolate), educational about the city’s history, and uniquely presented to celebrate a Dubrovnik hero in the year of his celebration. For this is the year of Orlando, and Orlando’s Column, which has played such an important role in daily life in Dubrovnik over the centuries, is very much in the spotlight in 2019. And now even more so thanks to Nikolina and her souvenir. Here is how she introduced her new product:

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I thought you might be interested in the story of a product that was created for the Year of Orlando, Dubrovnik, 2019.

It is an original ( and sweet) souvenir that promotes Dubrovnik’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage, by the DUvenir ( Dubrovnik souvenir) brand. The slogan says: 

Have a piece of some “right measure”, or the Dubrovnik cubit of chocolate. 

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Erected as an honorary statue by the Dubrovnik residents as a sign of their gratitude for offering his help to Dubrovnik, as the legend says, when  it was under the seige of the Saracene pirat Spuzent. Orlando ( Roland) allegedly defeated Spuzent at Lokrum Island and captured him. The historical truth is that Dubrovnik residents put up the column with a carved figure of Orlando ( Roland)  as a legal symbol of the autonomy and Independence of the Dubrovnik Republic. In addition to serving as a pillory, Roland’s column had another practical value. As a symbol of righteousness, or, cutting off the right measure, the length of Roland’s right forearm (51.2 cm) holding the sword for centuries, was the Ragusan measurement for cutting fabric. The same length was also cut under his feet.

The merchants would measure, cut and sell around Roland, at a lively square in front of the Sponza Palace. 

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2019 was declared the year of Orlando ( Roland) by the City of Dubrovnik and the creation of this product is a contribution to the celebration of the 600th anniversary. As an interpretation of the Dubrovnik cubit (or ‘lakat’ in Croatian, i.e., the length of Orlando s forearm), which was used as fabric measurement, the “Dubrovnik cubit of chocolate” was created as a homage to Orlando, Roland in 2019, the year dedicated to him. Have a piece of some “right measure”, or the Dubrovnik cubit of chocolate.

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Here is what the product looks like. The box is the length of the Dubrovnik cubit, namely 51.2 cm, and inside there are 23 mini chocolates, wrapped in paper designed like mini Orlando ( Roland) statues. 

There is a whole story about Roland written inside, in Croatian and in English, underneath the mini Chocolate so after you eat them all the cardboard ruler 51.2 cm remains as a souvenir with the story of Orlando. The product is presented on an interesting, tailor-made stand, you can take a photo as a knight, find something about the story of Roland and buy the Dubrovnik cubit of chocolate as the most original and the sweetest souvenir of Dubrovnik.


And the price? 51.20 kuna of course, in keeping with the Orlando cubit measurements (11 kuna of which is tax – but please note prices may vary in shops). 

Fabulous stuff. You can buy your Orlando cubit of chocolate at the following locations:

Luza, Stradun,  Old  town Dubrovnik

Pupica, Patisserie, Cvijete Zuzoric 5, Old town Dubrovnik

Duty-free shop,  Dubrovnik Airport 

Flower shop by Kike, Lapad 

Terra Croatica, Ulica od puca, Old town Dubrovnik

If anyone would like to contact Nikolina for direct orders, please contact me on [email protected] and I will put you in touch. 

To learn more about Dubrovnik, check out the Total Croatia Dubrovnik in a Page guide.


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