PickJobs: Young Croatian IT Experts Launch Online Job Search Site

Lauren Simmonds

The new, innovative PickJobs recruitment platform has been launched by young Croatian IT experts that connects employers and employees in a simple and quick way, with published ads currently visible in eleven countries.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 21st of September, 2020, access to the new PickJobs platform is completely free for both employees and employers, and the ads are simultaneously visible to users from Croatia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Ukraine, Albania and Kosovo.

The platform contains an extensive database of employers who have recognised the wide range of opportunities and benefits offered by PickJobs in the process of job search and supply, and the new platform already has over 3,000 active ads for various job categories.

PickJobs was designed by a group of young Croatian IT experts with the aim of speeding up and simplifying things for all parties entering the world of business opportunities, which is often a tedious and frustrating process, whether you’re looking for a business opportunity or attempting to find the perfect job candidate.

In today’s age of digitisation, everyone wants to simplify processes and save time. PickJobs conducts everything online – it enables the quality and detailed pre-selection of candidates and jobs, and job interviews themselves can take place via the PickJobs platform. Direct communication between businesses and private users is faster and more flexible and there is no need for it to be done through other channels, such as through mobile phones, e-mail or the physical arrival of candidates at a meeting or interview at business premises.

If users want to enter this new world of business without logging in via PC, a free PickJobs mobile app is also available for iOS and Android operating systems.

What makes the PickJobs platform different and more innovative?


PickJobs offers the PJ MATCH option that connects the employer and the employee with quality and precision. Based on the parameters entered in the ad, and in accordance with the filled in private user profile, the system automatically calculates the compatibility of the registered candidate with regard to the needs of the employer using artificial intelligence.


This option was directly developed for employers for the purpose of easier selection and the better organisation of registered candidates, which ultimately brings employers additional time savings and clarity when in the hiring process itself.


The business user is able to use an innovative option that can be used to generate their own set of questions for the purpose of the pre-selection of potential candidates. Through these created quizzes, the employer checks the level of knowledge or other information about the candidates that is important to him, thus shortening and specifying the search process before the interview.


Both private and business users have the ability to create a profile as well as the option to control its content. Both profiles, in addition to basic documents, such as a resume, offer the option to add photos and videos.
For employers, for example, the ability to access and review of the database of profiles and CVs of all candidates is completely free, while for private users it is important to emphasise that they can see their own application status at any time via PickJobs.


The platform sends notifications out to job seekers, reducing the chances of candidates missing the latest ad and their dream job opportunity.


Folders are an option developed for business profiles for the purpose of easier and quicker sorting of potential workers, and each employer has the ability to customise the maps to their needs.


Each employer receives a detailed statistical report for their published ad, which is an overview of the results of the ad itself and the actions it has initiated.


A special feature is the precise calculator for calculating salaries, which includes detailed parameters, such as calculating salaries for people under 30, people with children, calculation without personal deduction and much more.


An ad published on PickJobs is visible in eleven countries (Croatia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Ukraine, Albania and Kosovo). The advertisements and all the content on the site are translated into the official language of the aforementioned countries so that each individual has easy access to jobs on the desired market in their official language, or in English as a universal language.

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