Large Slavonian Company Launches Production of Sought After Product

Lauren Simmonds

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 14th of May, 2020, this large Slavonian company was motivated to launch a new product by the demand for protective equipment, but also by the fall in the market of front/entrance door panels in Croatia and in the surrounding countries.

Vinkovci’s Grad-Export, one of the leading European manufacturers of decorative panels for front doors, is a Slavonian company which reacted remarkably quickly to the current changes in the market caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Just under two weeks ago, the company placed a disinfection barrier for footwear on the market, which is supposed to be placed in front of the front door, Jutarnji list reports.

”The idea for the DS barrier is mine, it was developed by my associates in the company and, most importantly, it was well received by the market,” explained Petar Simic, the founder, owner and director of this Slavonian company.

The placement of Grad-Export’s new product was motivated by the demand for disinfection and protective equipment, but, as he pointed out, the market of front door panels in Croatia and in the surrounding countries also fell by about 50 percent.

”I had to do something, at the time when the coronavirus crisis broke out, I had to send fifty percent of the company’s employees home because there was simply no work for them. However, I didn’t fire any of the 186 employees who work for Grad-Export, and right now as we speak, we’ve started working on 160 DS barriers for clients. We won’t be able to do everything today, so we’ll work on Saturday as well,” noted Simic, who has so far sold about 700 of his DS barriers, the application of which possible in almost all institutions, from shops and business premises to households.

The barrier consists of vacuumed and profiled PVC, steel infill, anti-slip EPDM rubber and fasteners. The Slavonian company Grad-Export is otherwise one of the largest companies in Eastern Croatia with an annual revenue of around 90 million kuna.

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