Zagreb Company Offering Original Idea for Coronavirus Protection

Lauren Simmonds

Experts have been constantly warning people that one of the most important ways in which we can protect ourselves from contracting the new coronavirus is to maintain a safe distance from other people. One Zagreb company has an idea…

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 8th of August, 2020, this is where the small Distancer 2M device from the Zagreb company “2M Divison” comes into the question, which is registered for both production and services, and is primarily oriented towards sales and representation. This Zagreb company was supposed to begin operations in March, but due to the coronavirus crisis itself, everything was prolonged, according its director Mario Anic, who has many years of experience and success in the sales sector across various industries. His company currently has no other employees, but given that the Distancer 2M product will be on the market soon, employment is also planned.

”The Distancer D2M is a small electronic device that warns the wearer and their surroundings with light and sound if the social distance measure of two metres is disrespected. It is worn as a badge on the lapel or as a pendant around the neck. The main thing with the D2M is to keep your distance. It clearly says 2M and anyone who sees it on someone or takes it in their hands knows exactly what it refers to. The signals themselves are often not needed. In order to bring something so simple and necessary to the market, we had to gather a team together. That’s why 2M Division was founded. We’ve gathered a team that is dedicated to bringing D2M into the hands and onto the chests of as many people as possible and we expect great progress over the next few months,” he said in conversation with Slobodna Dalmacija.

”It all started with the SYNERGY project, in which vouchers were awarded through a public tender in six Central European countries (Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Italy and Croatia) to finance innovative ideas that solve social problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic. At the invitation of the SYNERGY project, the Matija Petar Katancic Elementary School from Valpovo also responded, asking for a solution to the problem of returning students to schools and ensuring social distance. Miroslav Spiranovićc an innovator from Valpovo, was the only one in all of Croatia to offer a solution.

We used the existing technology of ultrasonic and optical sensors and created a small, practical device which is accessible to everyone, and is especially intended for children and the elderly for whom the COVID-19 disease poses a real threat. The innovation itself was made with the help of the Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka “StepRi”, the company “Tera Tehnopolis” d.o.o. and the Association of Technical Culture Valpovo-Belisce, and along with Spiranovic, Tomislav Kudeljnjak and Dragan Francuz also participated. After a few months, we came to two final versions that we plan to market in the fourth quarter of 2020. The D2M Lite is for personal use, and the D2M Pro is for a professional indoor environment,” stated this Zagreb company’s director, Mario Anic.

The price will be affordable for customers, and the Distancer 2M has a battery that lasts for about five days and is charged on a standard USB port.

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