Deputy PM Karamarko Does Not Exclude Wire Fence on Croatian Borders

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As Croatia accepts the 15 migrants refused by Slovenia, is a new migrant and refugee policy on the way? 

Croatian Olympian Snježana Pejčić Named “Shooter of the Year”

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Meet the Croatian ISSF Shooter of the Year.

New Croatian Government to Stop Oil Exploration in the Adriatic Sea

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The end of the road for oil and gas drilling in the Adriatic? 

EasyJet Expands in Istria: Toulouse Added to Pula Network

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After bringing many routes to the Dalmatian airports of Split and Dubrovnik, low-cost carrier easyJet is slowly expanding in Istria. 

Amid Disagreements, SDP’s Main Committee Meets to Discuss Elections for Party President

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Meanwhile, over at SDP HQ… 

Prime Minister Orešković and His Croatian Government Take Power

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Finally! Croatia has a new government.

Split WWII Refugee Tales: A Diary for Puse (Part III)

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Part III of A Dairy for Puse continues on January 23, 2016, the latest installment of a mother’s diary to ...

Global Law and Order: Croatia Behind Burkina Faso, Ahead of Serbia

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How safe is Croatia? Above average, says a Gallup global report, but with some surprising countries ahead of it.

The Complicated Relationship between Dubrovnik and the Seaplane

Lauren Simmonds

Seaplanes and Dubrovnik. As ECA prepares its maiden flight from downtown Split to Dubrovnik Airport next month, how are things ...

Top Croatian Wines in the USA: Indigenous Grapes Grow Sales

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The pioneer of Croatian wine promotion in North America Cliff Rames on the Croatian wines causing a stir State-side.